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Reducing bubbles in powder formula

I give my baby Similac sensitive. The powder formula gets very foamy. I read on a previous discussion that breast milk reduces the bubbles and it does. I'm currently pumping just to give my baby some breast milk and to help reduce the foam. I'm trying to stop pumping bc it is just not for me. What else can I do besides adding breast milk that will reduce the bubbles/foam in the powder formula? I can't afford to switch to the liquid formula.

Re: Reducing bubbles in powder formula

  • I usually premix the formula for the day and put it in the fridge. I then pour it into her bottles and put them in warm water to bring them to the right temp. That usually helps.
  • I do the same as leah665 does. Sometimes if I run out of what I've already mixed and I don't have time to let the formula sit, I add a dose of gas drops to the bottle if it's still foamy. Takes the bubbles right out.
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  • I premake several bottles at a time and refrigerate them. If we go out and do a bottle on the riad, so to speak, I mix and let sit for 5 minutes before feeding.
  • Also, mix with a metal fork rather than shaking to blend. That helps too.
  • I use the dr browns formula mixer and premake a few bottles at a time.
  • I always premake my formula and do a few bottles at a time. I have been adding breast milk and sometimes I get bubbles and sometimes I don't. It's random. I do always shake bc I want to make sure the formula mixed well. I think I'm going to look into the dr Brown's formula mixer @KristynLee15 suggested. I looked it up online and looks like it's just what I need. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  • I also have Dr. Browns formula mixer and I love it! Worth buying!
  • It makes the formula sooo smooth. I got for for 12$ on amazon!
  • We switched from Similac Sensitive to Members Mark Sensitive, Sams Club Brand. She's had two bottles now and doesn't notice any flavor difference. And there's no foam! Even with shaking!
  • I switched from Similac Sensitive to Enfamil Reguline, no matter how hard I shake the bottle to mix it up there's no bubbles (after it settles) little one had gas issues which is why we switched
  • Mix with a fork and roll the bottle between your hands instead of shaking. I've also heard of people adding gas drops to the bottle to reduce the bubbles. I've been using Similac Sensitive for the past 2 days because I ran out of formula earlier than expected and was waiting for a new case to be delivered. I had a sample in the cabinet...was really surprised to see how foamy it is! Normally we use Enfamil Gentlease; there are almost no bubbles. Thought I had a bad can of formula until I did some research.
  • You can also swirl the bottle gently to mix...definitely takes longer, but reduces foam.
  • Dr Brown's formula pitcher! Or swirl the bottle, don't shake. Similac sensitive gets super foamy
  • Thanks all. I just bought the pitcher so we'll see how it goes. I am curious about trying other formulas suggested here but it took us a while to get here. I've only tried this formula and the generic store brand. He did not like the generic. We had tummy issues getting him to where we are now due to my breast milk. He was having issues with my milk, but I've been able to mix it with his formula. It took us awhile to figure out the right proportion of breast milk to formula. I'm afraid to go thru that again.
  • I have the same problem we use the similac spit up. And i just fojnd target has a generic. But im afraid to try it!
  • We use the same formula and the BabyBreeza so I just swirl the formula instead of shaking it. I read the gas drops help with the bubbles but I haven't seen much of a difference myself.
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