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Favorite sippy cup?

My 17 month old has been using Nuk Training Cups with silicone nipples for quite a while now. It's actually the only cup he would take to when switching from the bottle. now he will drink water or juice from other sippies, but isnt interested in his milk unless it comes from this cup. I want to switch him to something a little more "toddlerish" rather than a sippy with a silicone nipple... He likes to bite the nipples, they are ripped to shreds and expensive to replace. I have tried a hard mouth cup, but he is not interested. Is there anything in between that you'd recommend/leak proof/spill proof/chew proof? I would love suggestions! Thanks!

Re: Favorite sippy cup?

  • Mine favors the Nuby and Munchkin soft sippy cups. The munchkin tend to hold up better. He also has been trying to steal older kids thermos. I let him play with his older brothers old one and he actually drank from it. They have a soft chewy straw top.
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  • I would pick something else with a hard spout and if he doesn't drink it, he doesn't get milk. As long as he is getting other dairy, milk isn't truly necessary. If he really wants the milk then he'll get used to the different cup.

    I use Playtex hard spout sippy cups for my 14 month old.

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  • Our LO only likes straw cups.
  • Try a straw up. My DD also ONLY accepts milk from her brand new tupperware brand sippy cups. They are literally the old school ones we grew up with. I bought her a wide variety of fancy sippy cups as we tried to transition her off the bottles, but she hated them all.

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