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Feeding newborn twins...advice needed.

Hi all. My littlw boys will be one week tomorrow. My bigger twins eats and sleeps like a champion. ..my little guy is struggling. We breastfeed every 30- 40 mins sometimes throughout the day and night. The doc said could be bc his stomach is just smaller. He is 5 and a half poounds
Anyone have this with their twins? I feel so bad for him and i also have to supplement with formula bc i am not producing enough yet. I am just one tired mama...so any advice would be helpful...anyone else have one twin just constantly eat ing?

Re: Feeding newborn twins...advice needed.

  • I had a similar situation and to be honest, it was exhausting. My boys will be 6months old next week and I still pump and nurse them but they absolutely get more formula than breast milk. I wasn't producing enough and I was so tired all the time, plus, my smaller son wasn't eating as much/gaining enough weight and they both had issues latching, I had to use nipple shields for a while. I ended up relying on supplementing formula and now I nurse them at night or in between bottle feedings during the day--that is just worked best for me. I wish I could have exclusively breastfed but I'm happy they are at least getting some breastmilk and I hope to continue to breastfeed them until they are a year.

    Congratulations and good luck!!
  • @bnk2012 thank you for sharing. I am also just exhausted. One feeding can take 3 hours after they both eat and pumping. I hope it improves as my little guy gets bigger.
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  • Once my husband started back to work at 2 weeks, I switched to exclusively pumping. It allowed me to make sure that they were getting enough, as well as more time to rest. It was taking forever to BF, pump, and supplement. We were getting about 45 minutes of sleep between feedings and we were just miserable. Once I switched, things got a little better. My DS also had a small stomach and had bad reflux problems on top of not being able to poop. Thankfully they are sleeping a solid 8-9 hours now at 13 weeks. Things will get better!
  • @blehsm thank you for sharing. I am in the same boat between BF pumping and supplement feedings take forever. I have something on my boob at all times. I might switch to you're plan once my husband goes back as well....i am happy to hear your babies are sleeping!i feel like mine never will lol. Hopefully all will get better when my little guy gets a little bigger.
  • @GoodSuri ... just checking on you and the boys.... let me know if u still need advice!
  • @MamaRoni we are doing better howevwr breastfeeding the boys is still tough. They jutlst eat so frequently which is leading me to believe they arent getting enough. Usually at the most they wait two hours but usually its every hour or hour in andba half. Tonight for example they sat on my breasts for like an hour....40 mins later hungry again. Its so frustrating. They do fall sleep sometimes but inhear them gulping and they have great latches. They are 6 weeks old now so i am just hoping its gets easier. Any advice is always welcomed.
  • Stay the course mama! I nursed my twins until 13 months.... u can do it

    Couple of tips.... if they do fall asleep.... wake them. Seriously...twins or singles or whatever... make them wake to eat.

    6 weeks. .. 8 weeks. .. 10 weeks. .. 12 weeks... all pretty common stages for growth spurts so the more they nurse, it just tells your body to make more. Nothing at all you've done... it's just nature ; )

    Keep up the good work!
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