Going back to work temporarily while baby is in the NICU

Was wondering if there were many mothers out there who decided to go back to work temporarily while their baby was in the NICU and then continued their maternity leave once their baby was home? Just trying to get an idea on what I should do because I just found out from my employer that my benefits (especially medical) will expire by end of Jan if I don't return to work as that is when my FMLA leave is over (I was also put on early disability a month before my baby was born per doctor's orders due to having a really short cervical length so some of my leave already got used up).

Re: Going back to work temporarily while baby is in the NICU

  • Hi. I don't have experience with this, but I know mothers who have done this. Check with your employer/hr to see what you can do to have leave when your baby comes home from the NICU! Good luck!
  • I would do this if your leave and/or medical benefits are at risk. You can't care for your baby if you have less benefits. How could you afford it?!

    There are still many hours in the day you can visit baby or sleep over there, right?

    I'd also highly consider working part time after baby comes home. Could a family member or two help rotate watching baby 1/2 days? Day cares are so germs for preemies. Ours got sick first day in. That was it for us.
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  • I am actually doing this right now. Although I would love to spend all hours by my little ones bedside, I want to be able to spend more time with him once he is able to come home. It was an unexpected Nicu stay for our family so I went back to work about a 10 days after having him. Once he is out, I will take the rest of my maternity leave with him. It's hard not to feel guilty about not being there but I try to remember he is in really good hands and I also spend time with him each day before going home for the evening.

    Hope your Nicu stay treats you well and isn't very long! :)
  • This is my plan. I had my twins at 27 weeks via c section. I'm staying out for 6 weeks per my OB to heal and to spend as much time as I can with my babies in the NICU. Then I will go back to work until they are ready to come home. Then I will take the other 6 weeks and maybe a few weeks more if my employer allows it.
  • I have been working until my baby comes home. I he was born in August and I took time off to recover from the c section. It has been a mix of in-person and remote due to coronavirus but it has been helpful because if I stayed in hospital all day I would be a hot mess. 
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