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Passing Out

This morning about 30 minutes after eating a regular breakfast, I began getting ready for work. My right arm felt numb, then my left, next thing I knew I was blacking out and drenched in sweat. I made it to the shower floor and soaked in cold water until I regained my composure. At which point I started violently vomiting (read: destroyed bathroom)... It was extremely scary and my normally calm, easy going hubby rushed me to hospital... Baby's heartbeat good, blood work fine, no reason for the blacking out given....

Has this happened to anyone else?

I drink between 150-200 ounces of water a day, 40 at night, and eat healthy balanced meals and snacks. Not overweight, no history of this sort of thing happening, not sick.... Very scared and worried it might happen again while I'm driving or in my classroom with 1st graders or when my husband is working.

Re: Passing Out

  • What did your doctor say? This isn't one of those things you can compare with others. What's "normal" for some is completely the opposite for others. Passing out is quite normal for me but I know what causes it. This is definitely something you should be discussing with your doctor and not Google or the internet in general. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
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  • Have you done your glucose yet? Regular blood work since the initial rounds they did when you became pregnant?  I would think your OB would want to see you ASAP.  My husband (obviously not pregnant) has episodes of slurring his words, going numb, not being able to make sentences, tunnel vision, etc. about 4 times a year.  We have went to the ER, neurologists, brain monitoring tests, test and more tests and "nothing is wrong".  Might be a fluke thing, but your OB should def be interested in doing a lot of investigating. 

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  • Call your obgyn's office if you haven't already. I wouldn't just accept the "all is fine" you got from the hospital. I'd want a second look from my obgyn for sure. Best wishes and I hope it really was just a fluke!
  • Dr said "its not uncommon for pregnant women to faint." He didn't want to see me until my regular appt which is scheduled for Friday. Both were not enough for me to feel calm about what happened.

    Obviously, I went to ER and followed up with call to Dr, but neither were of any help or concerned. Unfortunately, I live in Key West and all care is not the same as in other areas. High quality doctors just don't live down here. Looking for advice from other ppl this has happened to so I can look into it further myself, this is my first pregnancy...

    I have not had a glocuse test done yet, I just hit 24 weeks yesterday. My doctor doesn't typically do it, but I do plan on asking for it on Friday as that's all that I can think to be causing this.
  • @tJaffe I feel for you! My doctor definitely has been great in my times of crisis. Some doctors just aren't as sympathetic as they should be to pregnant ladies, though. I'm glad you at least have an appointment this week, but I hate that you're stuck worrying in the meantime.
  • I am in no way medically trained but i have hypoglycemia that gets way worse when pregnant and thought the same thing. I bought a blood sugar monitor after an episode in my first pregnancy and just monitor it like a diabetic.
  • I have fainting issues related to low blood pressure not hypoglycemia. If you fainted your BP could have went up. I'm thinking that's what he meant by "pregnant women faint all the time". I've had to adjust my low sodium diet (we didn't eat processed foods and I made most things home made, I loooove eating crackers again!) and drink more water (which you're already doing) but I still get them. When I pass out from low BP I get dizzy, my body feels heavy and I get sweaty. I get nauseated but never throw up.
    Definitely go to the doctor and ask for some more info, but I'd bring up the BP issue.
  • I had the school nurse check my blood pressure yesterday, it was 100/60. Like my mother, my blood pressure is always on the lower side of healthy. That's the lowest it's ever been, including my BP when I was in the ER on Monday. I called the doctor again and he was totally unconcerned...
  • 100/60 is a good day for me lol but I still feel really tired, sluggish and blah at times on a good day.
    My usual BP is low 90s over mid 50s.
    Sounds ridiculous but if you're home and get a fainting episode lay flat on your back (couch is comfiest) and get your feet up either on the end of the couch but I kinda sit side ways and put them up top. Usually it counteracts the sparkly sepia-tone background and dizziness. Nausea seems to get a little worse when I do this but I figure it's because my BP is dropping.
    My both my family doc and OB are very respected doctors and they both gave me the advice if I'm starting to feel woozy to get my feet up above my heart and eat something salty, didn't seem too worried at all but it definitely effects your day.
  • Thanks for the advice! My doctor just says, "it's normal" and gives no advice! I read up on low blood pressure and found out that a "symptom" of low blood pressure is extreme thirst, which I've had this entire pregnancy. I upped my protein too, but, have packed salty crackers to snack on at lunch. I definitely don't want this happening while driving or in my classroom, I can't imagine how scared my 6-7 year old first graders would be.
  • @tJaffe oh I totally understand hesitation, I passed out hard for the first time at Subway last pregnancy. People kept yelling for juice, it was really awkward.
    This is totally a random story but my grandma taught 1st grade and had to retire because she had 2 massive heart attacks. Crazy enough they BOTH happened in the classroom, my Mom (this is my paternal grandmother) was one of my grandma's students and they really didn't understand what was going on. They joke about it years later (grandma is still kicking despite her heart issues!). If you step out and flag someone in the hall if it starts again I'm sure you'll be fine, or better yet if you have a TA.
  • Oh goodness! Yup, stories like that are how I know I'll go into labor in my classroom! Ha!

    I taught my students where and how to push the emergency button in my classroom and gave my three loudest boys the task of going to get the school nurse. I just really hope it never happens! I'm down to only 12 weeks of school left before my due date so hopefully it flies by!
  • Ohh I'm sure you'll be fine, my mother has no distinct memory of this happening and she's just like me, we remember the usual things in life lol
    Funny I had an episode today at my OBs office, nurse took my BP it was really low and by the time the OB got back it was low 100s/60s and she kinda shrugged it off. Hopefully that's something similar. She said it usually stops the first 2 weeks of 2nd trimester.
  • Pregnant women tend to have lower blood pressures and standing can make it worse. If you have access to a BP cuff you can compare pressures and heart rate at rest and then after standing after two minutes. A significant drop in pressure and/or rise in heart rate could give you an explanation. The doctors office will probably measure. Increasing salt, compression stockings can sometimes help. I would expect your doc will want to do more investigating to rule out other rarer causes.

    Hope you feel better!
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