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Toddler bed drama- help!!

Hi everyone! My 20 month old son was transitioned a week and a half ago from his crib to his toddler bed and before slept through the night and knew how to fall asleep on his own. Now, his separation anxiety is through the roof and he wakes us up every 2-3 hours and I CAN'T get him to stay in bed. Tried a sticker chart, didn't work. Tried super nanny approach (putting him back in bed repeatedly). Didn't work. We are about to lose our minds!!!!! Any input or advice? He also was sleeping 10-11 hours a night before and now he's only getting between 8-9 with all the night waking. He's so grouchy :( Thank you!

Re: Toddler bed drama- help!!

  • All you can really do is keep putting him back. He's young and probably doesn't understand sticker charts or other techniques similar to that. When you put him back in bed, keep it calm, don't bring too much attention to the matter and don't say too much.

    This is a tough one and I'm dealing with it now with my 3.5 year old who would rather sleep in the hallway than his bed. I'm just trying to stay consistent and hope the phase passes.

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