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Typical Late talker

We just recently had my 22 month old assessed as he has very few words.  I know a lot of people on hear post about should they or shouldn't they get early intervention.  We weren't too worried as he understands so much, has animal noises and follows commands. We just wanted to be sure.  He was assessed and did very well and said she still recommends therapy but nothing too much to worry about and is a "typical late talker". She said my son has very clear expressions and gestures and usually gets what he needs by not needing to talk.  We, as parents need to work more on responding only to verbal cues. Ex: if he wants up and puts his hands up, try to wait until he says up.  We will generally repeat the word up over and over while lifting him. However, he is getting what he needs so we need to work more on him having to say something to get it.
Not sure how all that is going to go but my SO was a late talker (after 2) and he turned out just fine.

Re: Typical Late talker

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    Not sure if a personal anecdote helps. But my brother was a late talker, close to 3 with very few words. He's a middle aged adult and very bright and verbally gifted. :)

    Oh and I'll add when he started talking by 4 or so we could barely keep him quiet! He liked to use the wrong word for things often, even after gentle corrections. Such as tornado for tomato and alligator for escalator. Sense of humor :)

    Sounds like your little one is aware of language like my brother was at that age. Just taking time :)
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  • If he isn't talking much by 22 months I would get him evaluated. That is not normal. There's no harm in EI so if it was recommended, I hope you are doing it.
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  • Yes, we did have him evaluated and taking steps forward.
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