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Feeling like an idiot

My husband and I took our boys to get our Christmas tree today. I didn't think twice about getting on the hayride to go out to the field where you cut your own. But the second it started I remembered how bumpy they are but it was a really short ride. Maybe 3-4 min. But the second I stood up I had the worst cramps. Like almost hard to stand up they were so bad. We got the first tree we saw and all I wanted to do was go home. I walked back to the car instead of riding again. It wasn't far at all. I'm feeling better now. No bleeding. Baby's hb was good on my Doppler. I'm thinking I just freaked myself out. But now I'm just thinking "how stupid are you to think that was ok?" It's hard enough to stay pregnant but let's just go on a really bumpy ride through the forest and see what that does. I should have stopped the ride immediately and gotten off. But nothing hurt until I stood up. So maybe it was just bad round ligament pain? Anyone had an experience like this? I came straight home, laid down and chugged water. I'm not moving from the couch unless the house is on fire.
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Re: Feeling like an idiot

  • Try not to beat your self up, there are women that go running their entire pregnancy and everything turns out just fine. I do wonder if the cramping wasn't from you flexing those muscles, like clutching them waiting for the next bump..
  • Maybe. I did tell my husband during the ride that I was going to cross my legs and hold on tight to everything in there. Lol maybe I was tensing up more than I realized.
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  • The only time my doctor ever told me to avoid bumps was when I had a hematoma. I'm sure baby's fine, just went for a ride! There is a ton of padding in there, not to mention he (or she) is floating in "water." He probably didn't even notice, just thought you were running down some stairs. :smile:
  • I went on like a 13 mile long bike ride early in the first tri. I freaked out half way through when I realized I was exhausted, it was bumpy, and i had a whole ride back. My RE nurse laughed when I told her I was worried. I was achy and sore and crampy, but that was just because of the ride. Baby was fine. I suspect you are in that same boat!
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