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11 months old and not walking?

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My baby is almost 11 months old and she hasn't started walking yet although she will walk with her toy walker and around furniture but won't by herself. Is there something wrong or does she just need more time ? Just curious as to what other moms have experienced

Re: 11 months old and not walking?

  • My little guy will be 11 months on the 11th of December. He's only taken a couple of steps without falling, cruises everywhere and will use his push walker pretty well but not much on his own...even though he thinks he can haha!! I think you're fine, right on track.
  • My LO will be 1 on the 23rd of December, she came a little early, but I was on this board for so long I didnt want to leave. I've just been invisible a while. Anywho, she does not walk unassisted yet. Holds on to things and walks and pulls up on things, but nothing solo. Talked to her Dr, he says there's nothing to worry about, she will get there at her own pace, as long as she is showing interest in trying
    Hope that makes you feel better, I worried about it too.
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  • Thank you !! It definitely makes me feel better. She does show interest in trying to walk she goes everywhere with her push walker and around the furniture and holding on to things but nothing on her own yet. She will stand on her own and walks on her knees lol I'm glad it's okay she would just rather crawl and walk around on her knees rightnow I guess lol
  • Docs usually won't get worried until no walking at 18 months, no worries
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