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Is eggnog okay?

I'm only 5w5d, so there's a long way to go but I am trying to take the best care of myself. Does anyone know if eggnog is okay to drink? I just wasn't sure and love it, but was offered some tonight and declined since I didn't know. Thanks :)

Re: Is eggnog okay?

  • I looked on my ovia pregnancy app. There is a medication safety lookup and a food safety lookup. It says it is safe.
  • But this is from baby center

    eggnog: Homemade eggnog is generally off-limits, because it's usually made with raw, unpasteurized eggs — and alcohol. But you can make a virgin, pregnancy-safe version at home with a pasteurized egg product or an egg alternative like Egg Beaters. Or try store-bought eggnog — just check the label to make sure the eggs are pasteurized.

    So make sure it says pasteurized.
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  • Yesssss..same reason soft cheeses are out. Boo!
  • Sounds like the key for most things are non-alcoholic and pasteurized! :)

  • Ugh bummer! But I'll take a baby over eggnog any day ☺️
  • We need a resources page. I'm reading "Expecting Better" which talks about the dos and don't of pregnancy. Yes to avoiding alcoholic, raw egg egg nog (under any circumstances, I think!) The book would tell you that the minimal alcohol in the eggnog is probably fine (unless you are drinking a LOT) and you have no greater chance of getting salmonella while pregnant than not (totally different than Listeria). My high risk doc said that all the pregnancy warnings are blown completely out of proportion and to just use common sense.

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