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What is your routine?

I have a 15 month old who's really growing in leaps and bounds. I've been thinking lately that something that would really help him would be a more predictable schedule. My husband I work different schedules each week so that is touch, but one of us is home with him at all times. So I was wondering what your daily routine for your toddler looked like? We're in the process of going from two naps to one nap a day so bedtime is touch.. a different time each night depending on if he got one nap or two. Also, we don't feed him three meals a day, it's more snacking with milk at nap time and bed time because that's when he'll drink it. Thanks for your input!

Re: What is your routine?

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    Hi! We have twins and they have been on a pretty solid routine for awhile now. It helps a lot with getting them to eat new foods and when to plan for naps/outings. And I'm a huge fan of routines because it helps the kids know what to expect.

    The times vary a little depending on when they wake up in the morning but our schedule looks something like this:
    7am - breakfast
    9- nap
    1130- lunch
    230pm - nap
    330pm- snack
    6pm - dinner
    Bedtime by 7 pm at the latest.

    That's a pretty early bedtime for some, but they have always slept about 12 hours per night and this is what worked for us. We offer milk only at meals and water for their snack. And they have sippy cups of water available all day long, even one in their cribs. If your son is still sleeping through the night, I don't think you need to worry about cutting out naps. Sometimes they need that afternoon nap even if it's just 20-30 minutes. Recharges the batteries!! Good luck on finding something that works for your family!
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    My 2 year old has been on the same routine since she was about 13 months old:

    7:30-8 am wake up followed by breakfast
    10:30 Snack
    12 Lunch
    12:30-3 - Nap
    3:30 - Snack
    5:30-6 - Dinner
    7-7:30 - Bedtime (typically, it is 7:30. However if she doesn't nap well, we put her down at 7 pm).
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    I understand working different schedules.  My LO is in daycare 3 days, at my MIL 1 day and home 3 days.  The routine we aim for to try to keep on track with daycare is:
    8am - breakfast
    9am - snack (this is at daycare only, sometimes he eats again, sometimes not)
    1130 - lunch
    12-2 - nap (when at home it is usually more 1-330)
    3-4 - snack
    6pm - Dinner
    7pm - Bath, Milk then bed. Usually sleeping by 730-745

    When he started daycare he was struggling with the one nap time and we had a pretty grouchy baby some evenings but eventually he adjusted.  My LO also likes to sleep in which really messes things up sometimes.   The part we try to always keep on track is the evening routine.
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    My 14 month old still takes 2 naps but I can tell she's slowly moving towards one a day.

    Here is our schedule during the week (we have to get her up earlier on work days)

    7:00 - wake up

    8:00 - breakfast

    9:30 - small snack

    10:00 - 11:00 - nap

    12:00 - lunch

    2:00 - 3:30 - nap

    3:30 - snack

    5:30 - dinner

    7:00 - bedtime

    3 meals a day is really important. I'd try to get away from letting your LO snack all day because that can lead to very bad eating habits.

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    16 mos
    6:30 wake, breakfast
    Eats about every 2-2.5 hours.
    10 nap
    2 nap
    7 get ready for bed. Lights out by 7:30.

    I wouldn't change bed time based on naps.
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    My son is 16 months and he has been in daycare since 2 1/2 months old. (I work at the daycare center. Our schedule usually goes:

    6:30 am: 6 oz milk
    7:30 am: small breakfast (string cheese, nutrigrain bar ect)
    10:30: morning snack
    12:15: lunch
    12:45-3: naptime
    3: afternoon snack
    5-5:30: dinner
    Bath at 6:30 if he needs one
    7: 6 oz milk
    And bedtime is 7:30. :)
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    Wake up and breakfast between 8-9 AM
    Snack at 10
    Lunch at noon
    Nap 12:30-3 or 4
    Snack when she wakes from nap
    Dinner at 6 PM
    Bath at 7
    Bedtime between 7:30-8

    We let her have milk only in the morning. You should really consider doing only water all day because milk isn't necessary and actually has a LOT of sugar in it. I also agree that having actual mealtimes is very important for future eating habits.
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    I stay at home with my 17 month old and we've had the same routine for about 6 months.

    7:00am Wake up and snack
    9:30am Breakfast and bath
    11:30-1:30pm Nap
    2:00pm Lunch
    4:00pm Snack
    6:30 Dinner
    7:00 Bath and then story time
    7:30pm Bed
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    I am a stay at home mom to a 20 month old (18 adjusted, he was a preemie). A schedule has helped tremendously and is really what keeps him a happy camper.

    7-7:30a     wake up time
    7-7:45a     breakfast
    9:30a        snack
    11:45a      lunch
    12:30-2p   nap
    3 or 3:30p snack
    5p             dinner
    6p             downtime, dim the lights, bath 
    7-7:30p     15 min of Barney with small snack (usually 2 mini pancakes) and bed 

    My son tends to snack throughout the day but with the above I noted the dedicated snack times. Also, some would disagree with bedtime TV or snack but that is what eventually worked best for us after trying different things and to each their own. What works for me might not work for you, etc. We are getting more into story time so we hope that will replace Barney but this kiddo love Barney lol 
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