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Pointing out body parts yet?

Hi there I'm new here and I haven't posted much yet but anyway I'm just a little paranoid and seeking advice or reasurrance that my toddler is not the only only. Anyways my son is 15 month and he was born 9 weeks early so his adjusted age would be 13 months and developmentally we always see him as 2month behind his actual age. I have been working with him for a month now on body parts and tried all different strategies and he is not interested I'm now trying to just focus on one body part at a time and this week I'm working on belly and nothing he just isn't interestred he waves ,highfives, claps ,and says dada and kitty cat with meaning. I know it might still be early and I'm guilty of comparing and recently spent time with a younger baby who knows three body parts and it kinda through me for a loop. I just hope I'm not failing at teaching him and he is just not inerested in that yet.

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Re: Pointing out body parts yet?

  • Thank you for your response it is so hard not to compare I know every child is different but still can't help but worry sometimes.
  • My daughter knew all the parts of the face by 12 months but her cousin who is a boy and 12 days older didn't start saying them till like 18 months. That's a pretty big difference but I think boys can just be late talkers.
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