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5week old feeding every 2hrs??

sadia999sadia999 member
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Hi, i have a 5week old bby girl and for about 2days shes been breastfeeding every 2hrs during the day and night it is draining, has anyone elses baby doing this? And any advice to deal with it?

Re: 5week old feeding every 2hrs??

  • mihaelams1mihaelams1 member
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    It can be a growth spurt, just hang in there if it's so, it's just a phase. Good luck!
  • Oh I hear you! 5 1/2 wks and we're hitting growth spurt, sleep regression and starting sleep training all at once. At night he's good until about 5 AM when I swear he forgets what eating is and will eat an ounce every hour sometimes! I've been told it will only last about a week, though, so hopefully you'll be in the clear soon! In the meantime, lots of snuggles!
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  • My daughter is 8 weeks and is still feeding every 2hrs. Sometimes I get a 3 hour break overnight but that's the longest stretch we've had since she's been born! I just think of it as extra bonding time with her, as tiring as it is. I usually get a nap in before her bed time with my husband taking her for a couple hours so I get the extra sleep, and we're currently working on getting her to take a bottle of pumped milk so he can do one evening feed so I can maybe get a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep. Perhaps you guys can try that?
  • A growth spurt is pretty common sometime during the 5-6 week mark! I'm guessing that's what it is. It shouldn't last longer then a few days so hang in there mama :)
  • You're lucky! I wish my LO had two hour gaps... She's like an every 90 min type of gal! Exhausting!
  • Same here...you are lucky...my girl eats around the clock, pretty much latched all day. And she's getting plenty. Her many poops and pounds are proof of that!
  • DS is a constant eater. At night he'll give me one 3 hour gap, but usually it's every 60-90 minutes all day, every day. When he's in a growth spurt he will take a ten minute break from eating every few hours.
  • Yep, I hardly ever get a 2 hour break during the day. It's every 45-60 minutes. Only at night is it every 2-3 hours. So 2 hours really isn't bad.
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