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Pumping issues...

Just posted in the other group.....but...

I was told by a family member to try Lactiful because my breast milk production is low. I just ordered it but now I feel like I should have asked other people first. They have a money back guarantee but still, just curious. Has anyone heard of it? Tried it? Did it work? Do you produce a large amount, enough to freeze? If not, what was the difference?

Thanks everyone!

Re: Pumping issues...

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    I haven't tried this - but have you tried power pumping to bring your supply back up?
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    I used fenugreek from the health food store for two days and I was back to normal quick. I smelled like maple syrup (they use it to flavor imitation syrup) a little, but it didn't bother me. Worked awesome!
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    I second power pumping! I also drink mothers milk tea and red Gatorade seems to help too!
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    Gatorade (I do clear) and eating oatmeal helps me maintain and got a good boost too
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