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Shift dilemma

Ok working mamas, i currently work 3pm-11pm 3 days a week. Ill be having my first baby in april, i am being offered to change my shift to 7am-7pm 2 days a week. My question is would you rather work 8 hours 3 days a week or 12 hours 2 days a week? Is the extra day off worth leaving your baby for 12 at a time. Im terrified at the thought of leaving my baby for 12 hours.

Re: Shift dilemma

  • As I work five days a week, gone from home 6am-6pm, I'd JUMP on that. So you're gone two days a week.. But home five! That'd be awesome, if you've got childcare that works.
  • I would definitely do the 2 - 12 hour days.

    Do you have a partner at home? How will child care work?
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  • Agree, 2- 12 hour days would be way better.
  • Take the 2 12hr shifts, you will never miss bed time that way. I do 12hr night shifts 7p-7a 3 nights a week and love it. I do wish I only had to do 2 shifts though.
  • Agreed! 2 12 hour days.  I work 5, 8 hour days and if given opportunity and childcare worked out I would jump on a chance to do 4, 10 hour days.
  • I would absolutely jump on that as long as you can figure out a plan for childcare.
  • 4N6s4N6s member
    I would do two 8s. If I did two 12s, I would barely see my baby those days. 
  • That is hard. I would love to be gone less days, but would I be a zombie after such a long shift? Also, if I worked 7-7 I would see my 16 month old an hour in the morning and night, but if I worked 3-11 I would have a nice long morning with him. It's so hard to say with a new baby because they're all over the place. For me it would come down to what would get me the most out of the day and also not be totally worthless/tired. 
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