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Interested in trying cloth

Hi we do regular diapers but I'm thinking of trying some cloth especially since my 9 month old seems to be getting diaper rash a lot. I'm hoping it will help be a little more comfy on his little bum. I have no idea where to start-where should I buy them? How should I wash them? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Interested in trying cloth

  • I found a lot of information on using cloth from It is a great resource even if you don't purchase diapers through them, so definitely check them out!
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  • Another good resource is Jillian's Drawers. They have some good articles and advice on washing diapers, and a lot of the old regs had good experiences with their diaper trial.
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  • I learned a lot on Kelly's Closet!
  •  Youtube Cloth Diaper 101 videos are awesome and a great place to start. 
    Then just start asking questions here. There are lots of CD mommas with great advice. 
  • Look up Fluff Love University, their website is wonderful!
  • @febmom4 if you can share a little more information it might help us make some more specific recommendations.  I personally tried a number of different types of diapers and ended up using pockets because for us they were the best balance of cost, ease and fit.  Some people prefer to use all natural fabrics but I found the microfiber liners in the pocket style diapers kept my son mostly free of diaper rash.  He hated flats and prefolds because they definitely feel wet to the baby and he would start screaming the instant he peed.  However, some babies don't mind and flats or prefolds with covers is probably the cheapest way to get started.  I didn't decide to go with the all in one style because they take longer to dry. 

    It can get overwhelming but some guidelines like what sort of access you have to laundry, you general budget, if you're ok with synthetic fabrics, if you care how cute they are and if you are willing to buy/trade used or if you'd prefer all brand new can help people to give some specific ideas for things you might want to look at first.
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