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Baby's neck is raw..anyone else?

My little one has an extremely chubby neck. So unfortunately anytime she dribbles or spits up it goes right into her neck roll. I've been making sure it stays clean and as dry as I can but it looks pretty raw. Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Baby's neck is raw..anyone else?

  • Yes we do too!!!! We try to clean in there but she has so many rolls!!!! I'll try to put some baby powder on it when I get a chance to help keep it dry and hopefully make it more comfortable for her.
  • Thats basically what im doing! It doesnt seem to bother her but i feel so bad!! She had a dr appt monday so ill ask them. Part of the problem is her neck is so ticklish..when i try to look or clean she scrunches all up and i cant get in there!
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  • They make bibs specifically to try and prevent anything from getting into the neck roll. So far they have worked wonders for my son. Whenever he doesn't use them he gets formula and drool in his neck with the bib on his neck stays clean and dry. They're made by Tommee Tippee
  • @brydienta thanks so much! I will pick up some of those. Now i just have to heal the skin
  • Just ordered some!!!
  • Bandana style bibs work well too! I ordered a bunch of cute ones off Etsy.
  • We had that too. I talked to the doctor about it and she had me use hydrocortisone for a few days and it cleared it up.
  • Maybe i should call and not wait until monday? It does look better after some powder and a few cleanings. I feel like a terrible mom for ever letting it get this way. But it was like instant. :( my poor bay girl. I just hope it doesnt hurt. But i cant imagine it feels good. Hydrocortisone and diaper rash cream make me a little nervous because im trying to keep it dry. I used a zinc powder. (Made sure it didn't get anywhere near her breathing)
  • @KristynLee15 Burt's bees makes a 2 in 1 diaper cream (not their diaper rash cream that is insanely thick!) that goes on like a lotion or a cream and then dries as more of a powder. Target didn't seem to have it but babies r us carries it. Could be worth a try.

  • Our doctor recommended corn starch for DD1 neck when hers used to get like that! It worked like a charm!!!! We would put it on our fingers and rub it around then put it on her neck to prevent the puff you can get from powder :) hope it gets better for you soon!
  • I found the miracle cure. Its a powder my great grandmother swore by. Caldosene (may be spelling it wrong). Used it last night and its all but healed this am!! Thank you Nana (also whi my Lo is named after!)
  • If the skin is peeled/rubbed raw put some lanolin on it till it heals. . Got this tip from a nurse friend and it healed in a few days, now I keep cetaphil sensitive lotion on it. . Works great!
  • Diaper cream works well too!
  • Diaper cream seemed to make it worse and kept it wet :( but shes all healed now...just maintaining
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