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Weening help?

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Has anyone started this process? My 11 month old stillllll night nurses a lot. All for comfort. But I'm done.

Re: Weening help?

  • I am vary rarely on the boards, but logged on today with the same purpose as you. My son wakes 2-3 times per night and nurses to sleep, tried letting my husband soothe him last night and he cried for about 45 minutes before he ended up brining him to bed with me. Sometimes my husband can get him to go back to sleep if it is really dark, but that didn't even work last night. We just don't know what to do. Any help and suggests are welcome. DS2 is definitely more difficult than DS1, he was sleeping through the night by 7 months and weened by a year with no issue, he was just done. DS2 won't take a pacifier and hates blankets. I am his comfort and that makes it so difficult.

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  • I'm in the same boat! DD was sleeping through the night until we all got sick in May. I thought things would change after she was better and her 4 teeth had finished coming in. She still wakes 2-3 times a night and won't sleep in a crib for more than an hour. I want to start weaning in January. I have no idea how else to get her to go to sleep either.

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  • You two!! This is so my life right now but worse!! He uses me as a pacifier all night long or freaks out!
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    I'm weaning my daughter and I'm at 0 breastfeedings a day. Finally. But she keeps pointing at my boob and wants it. What's weird is that she is pointing at my moms boobs and wants it. Is that normal? I thought by 1 year old a baby would know a moms boobs from someone else's boobs. Any one know about this?
  • I have been fortunate with my son who was sttn at about 2 or 3 months. Now he only wakes for a stuffy nose that doesn't allow him to suck his thumb or teething, I think. However, I have been told (by my all knowing older sister) that after 3 days of doing something in a row, it is a new norm. So maybe try letting baby cry it out, within your comfort zone. But stick to the same intervals for three days and see if it works. In What to Expect the First Year, they mention starting with consoling the baby by patting the back, not picking up. Then console by not patting, but saying something like "Mommy's here, see you in the morning" and eventually moving your way further away from the crib, ending with just being at the door and consoling. (I think I read this under the weaning part, but can't remember for sure). That way, baby isn't totally depending on you for comfort. They need to do that on their own. Have you tried a "lovie"? I am trying that for my son, so he can get used to it before cutting out the bedtime feeding.

    My 11 month old pulls at my shirt, I am assuming for my boobs because he isn't quite satisfied with just sucking on the sippy cup. Will I be glad when that ends! Only at a morning and night nursing session.
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