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  • I only had one seizure 5 years ago (grand mal in my sleep). I'm on lamotrigine, and my neurologist upped my dose (200mg/day) during pregnancy just in case. The risk of having a seizure during pregnancy outweighed the risk of the meds. 
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    So happy to find this post.

    I have Epilepsy. My regular dosage prior to preg was low - Lamictal, about 150mg 1x/day. I had a grand mal at 26w. They’re currently upping my dosage, and next week, I’ll finally land at 300mg/day.

    My job is so extremely stressful. I work remotely for a fast-moving Silicon Valley tech company. Average age of employees is mid-20s. I used to stick out as being married - now pregnant, ha. 

    My meds make me so sleepy. The headaches. My dosage still isn’t right, so I’m not driving. Can I qualify for bed rest? Or at least the note my doctor can write, that my conpany’s HR must acknowledge? 

    I’m sinking and am breaking into two as a preg 7mo woman with this kind of job. My boss is 25yo and my HR rep is 27. I’m constantly feeling like I’m on the verge of a seizure, several times a day. 

    What specifically can I say to my neurologist to get a note like this? Have any of you done this? Any advice would be so helpful. TIA! 
  • Hello all! 
    I too was glad to find this specific board!! I would really appreciate any and all ideas, thoughts guidance or opinions about this...

    I have an undiagnosed type of epilepsy and it is easy over medicated but my neurologist has tried several times to remove some medications which only led to more issues, so in the end they only got replaced with less dangerous medications for both me and a pregnancy. Though my husband and I never really expected the miracle of this to happen, we're thrilled. 

    Here is my current issue and question...I have been doing pretty well on my seizures being controlled, unless I go with very,very little sleep for several days. However, lately I feel as though I have really 'caught up' on my sleep and been sleeping great! Problem being I have had more seizures, not severe but existant ... plus with the amount of meds I already take I prefer not to risk upping them any more, as the baby is doing very well at 26 weeks. 

    My biggest question is would there be a big change in my idk, equilibrium at this point? I feel like I can sleep all day and be up all night, which is a big change for me, plus I have been hearing a pounding in my ear which is odd...

    Any thoughts?
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