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Appt with RE .. what to do next

Well first of all, I am due today and im sure its on its way.. My test was negative. I thought for sure this was the month. I met with the RE last week and he seemed really good. He was a little concerned with my FSH because it was so low.. it was like 1.7 which I guess can mean something with estrogen?> not really sure but he wants to do all the CD 3 blood work with ultrasound to check ovarian reserve.  then he ordered HSG. I am thinking of waiting a cycle or two after HSG to see what happens since sometimes that test itself helps.. what are your thoughts on that?

He said I can choose to just do clomid or clomid with IUI.. does anyone know what cd they start an IUI .. I am supposed to go out of town in January. but I would be back by ovulation time..  

Re: Appt with RE .. what to do next

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    For an iui, they usually do an baseline ultrasound and blood work on cd 3. You will start clomid usually day 3 or 5. Iui will happen between days 12 -20...just depends on how quickly your follicles and lining grow.
  • I'm going to have the ultrasound ( to check for ovarian reserve and blood work on day 3 this month.. if i go ahead with an iui do the do additional ultrasound on CD 3 each month i do an iui? see I'm going on vacation next month and i am wondering if i will need to be here at the beginning of month or just days 12-20...  this month i am doing all the testing. 
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    Each RE is different.  Definitely ask them and let them know dates you are not available.  We've had to stretch/move my timing for things when I had dates that I would not be available.  My RE did the ultrasound each month to check for cysts vs follicles, but didn't do the blood work except for the first time.  I'd look at some of the IUI threads under the infertility subheader and read what people did at the beginning of their IUI cycles.

    Edited to add:  Check out the infertility section on the forums... they may be of more help there regarding IUIs.
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    I would say that you will need to be available for ultrasound at the beginning of the month.  Clomid isn't a drug you want to take without ultrasound monitoring.  When I took it, it really thinned my lining.  Luckily, my RE gave me some meds and it plumped up and sustained a pregnancy, but it's definitely something you want to keep an eye on!  And my DD was a HSG baby (got pregnant the first month on Clomid and the same month I did my HSG).  Good luck.  
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    No experience with IUI or clomid, but I've had an HSG.

    Our OB joked that HSGs can clear out cobwebs and I must have had some because we had our first and only BFP (a CP) immediately after HSG. I watched some online videos to help mentally prepare and also took prescription Tylenol about 30 min. prior and it wasn't nearly as painful as I expected. Good luck!
  • Are you just doing testing this cycle, and considering using clomid next time around?  My RE doesn't like to do HSG the same cycle that you're TTC, but other REs are okay with it, as long as the test is done before you ovulate.  Besides, HSG can improve your fertility for a couple months after you do it (cleaning out the gunk).

    I expect that your RE might want to get all the test results in hand before recommending a course of action. Those of us with low reserve are treated differently than PCOS women.  Letrozole works better for some women, and clomid works better for others, depending on age and other issues.

    If you use ultrasound monitoring for a medicated cycle (IUI or TI), you get a baseline at the start, and at lease one ultrasound a couple days before you are expected to ovulate, to check lining and to make sure you haven't sprouted 8 big follicles (in which case, you want to stay far away from sperm, to avoid high order multiples), and to check on the size of the hopefully 1 or 2 follicles you have sprouted.  If you use a trigger, that's when they tell you when to use it, and recommend timing for IUI or TI.

    When I had my HSG, it hurt more than it hurts most women because I had a temporary blockage in one tube, which cleared after some wiggling and extra dye.  But the pain didn't last a long time.  I wish I'd had someone with me to hug after the procedure (there wasn't room for anyone in the room with me.)
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