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hospital stay after c-section

Can anybody tell me how long they stayed or have  been told they will stay after a c-section?  I'm moving to NC & looking at having a repeat c-section.  I stayed 3 nights with my first c-section but was told by the hospital I would deliver at that 48 hours is standard.  Thanks!

Re: hospital stay after c-section

  • Yes I just stayed for 2 nights with my
    C section.
  • My section was at 6am on Tuesday and I was discharged Thursday afternoon.  They wanted to keep me until Friday morning which they said was their standard given how much blood I lost, but I was ready to go home!  I delivered at UNC.  
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  • I believe wake med in Cary is 3 days. 
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  • I had my baby at Rex and with the amount of blood I lost after my c-section I had to stay 4 days. So I was there for 6 days!!!!!!!! I was so ready to go home. 
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