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I wish they would do weekly dopplers

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I wish it was more common place for the OB office to have pregnant women in the first trimester come in for weekly doppler after the heart beat is found. I know that wouldnt be logical given that some heart beats can't be found on Doppler until over 10 weeks, so it would probably mean more ultrasounds and insurance wouldn't necessarily agree about medical necessity. My heart just hurts for any one going through or has gone through a missed miscarriage where they see/hear the heart beat, assume every thing is fine, and then go in for their next appointment to find out baby stopped growing weeks before. Having had this happen, I am desperate to make sure that this pregnancy stays on track, and a doctors appointment once every 4 weeks isn't helping calm my nerves.

I know I could always call and go in if I really need the reassurance, but I wish it was just more protocol instead of me having to seek it out. I've never understood the lack of contact with the OB in the months that you are most likely (20% chance) to have an issue and need support.

Bah. Just my wishes for more support for all of us and additional pieces of mind for every momma out there.

And I know I could buy a Doppler for home, but I also know with my anxiety, the moment I couldn't work the dumb thing and didn't find a heart beat, I would lose my mind. So here I am waiting another three weeks for my next appointment and hoping to make it through sane (and not have a blood pressure of 160/90 and a heart rate of 115 all because I'm so nervous!)

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Re: I wish they would do weekly dopplers

  • Well said..and thinking of you!
  • I totally get this. I had a mmc. I saw hb at 6 weeks. Went for my first actual appointment at 12 weeks and there was no hb. Baby had stopped growing around 8 weeks. I felt like such a fool. Like I should have known some how. Like the worst trick in the world had been played on me. Mmc are so hard.
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  • I've had 2 mmc. I'm so thankful my dr has me come in every week for a u/s till I'm 14 weeks. I'm sure I will be a wreck after that though.
  • Totally agree. The waiting game is rough! I honestly have to tell you I don't know how I would have made it to 17w6d without a Doppler this time. I lost my Sarah at 16w4d and was blindsided at my regular check up when no HB could be found. I use the Doppler every day, sometimes twice. It was hard to find the HB at first but I told myself it's not always easy and if in two days I couldn't find it then I would call the dr. Right now I'm on vacation and I packed it along for the trip. I'm so thankful because with random spotting right now, knowing my DD still has a heartbeat is keeping me calm. Hang in there and remember we are all here for support!
  • I heartily agree. I've been so anxious and getting good news from the doctor today let all of that anxiety melt away. Thankfully my dr is fine with giving me an u/s at 6w5d and then another one before Christmas so I can have a successful 8+ week scan before I announce to my family. (Provided all goes well.)
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  • Yea @carrieandroy! I'm excited for your good news and your Christmas u/s. What a wonderful Christmas present. :-)
  • I completely agree about the reassurance, but even at 11.5 weeks, my doc couldn't find a HB with his doppler. He said I likely wouldn't be able to find until 18-20 weeks due to how far back my uterus is tipped. Praying for good luck at my nuchal today!
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  • Totally agree. I had a MMC at 9+1 weeks, baby was only 7+5, and I felt like a fool not knowing especially after seeing the heartbeat at 6+3... It also would have been a little less traumatizing if I had found out earlier so that I wouldn't have to go through a natural mc and then still have to have a d&c due to complications. It was heartwrenching to go through so much pain and grief in such a short amount of time.

    I see the doctor tomorrow for the first time this pregnancy at 4+5 to confirm and check levels, and am hoping she will be doing weekly or every other week ultrasounds this time. She did say she would see me more often next time and try to help reassure me, but now that I'm here I'm anxious to find out what exactly that means!

    Fingers crossed for all of you as well that we have a h&h 9 months!
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  • I had early betas done right when I got my bfp. I will get an u/s at 7w and 10w. I am going to request my next appt at 12w so I don't have to worry. I went in at my 12w check up and no was 9w and heard the heartbeat at 7w.
  • I had early betas done as well, first day of my BPF and two every three days after. Then my first u/s was scheduled for when I should be 6+5 but baby was only measuring 5+6. I went back for my 10 week (last week) and he only did Doppler. Said he wouldn't do another u/s until 18 weeks. Heard the heart beat through the Doppler and he told me that should be reassurance enough. My MMC I saw just a sac and fetal pole at the first u/s when I was supposed to be 8 weeks, then the next week I saw baby measuring over 8 weeks (which felt weird-how did baby just show up in a week already measuring 8 weeks?) And saw heart beat. Wasn't scheduled to go back til 12 weeks but went in at 10 because I was having pressure and thought I had a UTI (which I did) no heart beat through Doppler and when they did u/s no heart beat there either. Baby hadn't grown much past the last scan, so I lost it right after they saw it.

    Looking back, something seemed off the entire time. And it seems right on track this time. So I'm trying not to be pushy with my doc, but I thought we had said I would do more frequent visits in the first trimester because of my loss. So one visit every 4 weeks and no u/s between 6 weeks to 18 weeks sucks.
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