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Stomach pouch

Please tell me I'm not the only mama out there who is still rocking a postpartum pouch?! Thankfully, people have stopped asking me when I am due but it's still pretty out there. I had a csection and was curious if other mamas are experiencing this. I've been doing barre3 classes daily to strengthen my core and it's very slooooowly deflating.

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  • Yup. I still have 30 lbs left to lose but now I feel like that pooch will be there even after 30 lbs. Had a csection. Breastfeed, they said. The weight will just melt away they said. I did a Whole30 and lost a whopping 4 lbs so maybe I'm one of those people whose body clings to every calorie til they're done BFing. Yes, my new hope is the melt will start when I'm done BFing. I can dream, right?!
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    I got the flu and lost 4 pounds. I wouldn't recommend that plan.

    I've got about 15 pounds to go to prepregnancy weight, and still rocking the pooch.

    ETA-- csection, exclusive pumper for twins.
  • @klirwin82 I'm too scared to weigh myself so I'm not sure how much more I have to lose haha. The last time I checked it was around 15lbs. I will say though that after I stopped pumping (a little after 4 months) I started to lose weight! So you aren't dreaming. I've been doing barre3 classes online to strengthen my core and it's really been helping.
  • When I was pumping I became a twig...shortly after stopping the pouch magically appeared and after a frantic shopping trip for an interview outfit I am realizing how much my body has changed. In the process of job searching and moving, so I have sworn to myself that I will start my workouts again when all is settled.
  • Ugh me too. I'm only about 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight but I am struggling with some abdominal seperation. Oh and those stretch marks do not help the pouch look either! I was thinking of trying physical therapy for the diastasis recti. Has anyone tried this?
  • I still look pregnant with my pouch. Like at 6m. And I'm at my full term weight again, too. Heading over to check out the fit mamas thread. I'm a little trapped by what I think is exercise induced asthma, but I have a drs appt end of the month for that. Also, hopefully with LO having a more set schedule I can eat at least one healthy meal a day. I don't like the pouch. No sir, I don't like it.
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  • ^^^all of this is me too. At my last ob check up, I actually had her refer me to a nutritionist because I am up 12 lbs since I came home from the hospital. We have been playing phone tag, I just need to actually remember to call during working hours and make the appointment.
  • Yep and yep! I still have my pouch from the twins! It is getting better! I think the pouch is really common with c sections.
  • I'm back to prepreg weight and still have significant pouch-ness. I hate it so much. My hips are flabby now, too. It's like my body was able to stretch out, but can't suck back time use and now it's destroyed. We'll see if it ever goes back to normal, or if this is the new normal
  • I was asked when I was due after I had cash more than when I was actually pregnant?
  • When I wake up in the morning I have a glimmer of what my pre-breastfeeding boobs looked like because they are so full. Then they deflate and look horrible. It's only downhill from here...

    Exactly. Although my kid eats at 4. So when I'm up for good, one looks like it did in its glory days, the other like a deflated balloon...
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  • Yes feeling very depressed about it too. I am also c section. I promised myself by January I'll start working out again. But it's so hard with work and the baby
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    Still at pregnancy weight. I've been hearing from other moms that this is pretty common if you didn't gain a lot and are BFing. Body has to hang on to it for support I guess. Sucks
  • I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight and have no a$$ anymore, but definitely pouchy tummy and loose-ness. With my supply dropping fast, I need to get into my head "now you must work out and not depend on breastfeeding" as my work out regime.
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