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Multiple mamas 11/30

Hi everyone!
Hope you're all still cooking and feeling good! This will probably be my last check in pre-babies, so I thought I'd see how everyone is doing!

1. Does anyone have an induction/cesarean date?
2. How are bed rest and hospital stay mommas doing?
3. Is everyone ready at home? Nursery, car seats, etc?!
4. Any big fears?
5. What are you most looking forward to?

1. My induction is December 7. The babies will be 34 and 4. Because my water broke at 29 and 5 they don't feel comfortable waiting much longer to deliver.
2. I've been in the hospital since the 3rd of November and I can't wait to go home! But I would do it all again for happy healthy babies!
3. We are completely ready except for car seats. My husband has had to do a lot of stuff on his own, we wouldn't be ready if it weren't for him!
4. I'm terrified to be induced, I would like babies to come on their own! They are about 5 pounds each and are head down, so there is a chance I could go into labor before hand! I was also afraid of NICU time, but the doctors seem sure they won't need very long as we've made it so far!
5. I can't wait to see my little ones! I know I'm going to cry huge years of joy, but to finally hold them after all of the complications We've had will be such a huge relief!

Good luck mamas!

Re: Multiple mamas 11/30

  • Wow that is so soon- you made it so long! Congrats!  My goal is to make it to 34 weeks (at least).  I am currently 31.  

    1. My C section is scheduled for 1/15
    2. I have my next ultrasound on Friday and I am hoping these babies continue to grow as big/at the rate they have been. Hoping they are both 4.5 lbs.  
    3.  We just leased a new car we pick up tomorrow! I am going to make an appointment at the fire station to install car seats this weekend (has anyone done this?)  I am trying to do most of my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my desk for cyber Monday today.  
    4.  My biggest fear is having a C section and wanting to hold them after/be with them and being stuck in the OR waiting to be sewn back up. I know this is a reality so I hope that time just flies.
    5. I am similarly SO excited to meet these little babies. I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about it.  

    Really hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there!  

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  • Glad you ladies are still hanging in there!

    I'm 34w3d and definitely feeling it. I had a BPP at 32 weeks and they were 5lbs each (50th percentile!) and scored perfect on everything. I'm still hoping to make it to 38 weeks, and so far so good - no signs of imminent labour yet.

    They're both head down so my OB is talking induction around Christmas if I don't start on my own by then, but no date set yet. I did have a pre-op appointment last week in case a section needs to happen, and my biggest fear is delivering A naturally and then B via c section - I don't want to have to worry about recovering from both!

    I'm finding moving around and walking are getting way difficult. I tried to get groceries on Saturday at one of the bigger grocery stores and my hips and pelvic bones were killing me after 10 minutes. :( Every morning I have to take a nice long warm shower to ease my hip pain from sleeping.

    And @happyandhopeful3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets all misty-eyed when thinking about meeting my babies! I can't wait for that moment... I mean I CAN wait for 38 weeks but it's going to be so awesome. I cry huge tears thinking about my husband holding them for the first time too!
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  • @happyandhopeful3 we tried to get our car seats installed and couldn't find anyone to do it :(. I think it's a great idea!

    I'm glad everyone is still plugging, and I think 34 weeks is a great goal! You've got this!
  • Still cooking at 32 weeks here. Babies getting biophysical profile twice a week now that I have cholestasis. Saw them today. Baby girl A now has a slightly enlarged kidney that they will have to keep an eye on.
    Pretty much everything at home is ready for them except me ha ha. I want them to keep cooking safely :)
    They are both head down, so will try for vaginal delivery. Biggest fear is an abruption during delivery or something happening to the babies.
    Don't have an induction scheduled--she thinks they will come early on their own because of the cholestasis, but for now my cervix is holding strong at 4.5 cm.
    glad everyone is doing well and hope all continues to!
  • When did all of your doctors start checking for dilation/effacement?  Is that something your OB checks for or the MFM?  Should I expect to be checked Friday when the babies have a biophysical profile and ultrasound at 32 weeks?

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  • I get cervical ultrasounds every 2 weeks. She said after 34 weeks they would start checking with just exam and not ultrasound.
  • @happyandhopeful3 - I've had cervical us and swabs for FFN done
    every two weeks as well. At my practice this (32) will be the last week of those checks, but they will start weekly biophysical profiles.

    1. We haven't discussed this yet. The fetuses are still flipping back and forth.

    3. We don't have anything in our house yet!
    4. Nervous of not being prepared.
    5. Looking forward to sleeping on my tummy!
  • It seems most of you (if not all) are getting frequent ultrasounds or appointments... I still only see my OB once every two weeks and I've had one BPP at 32 weeks and will get another at 36... granted I might get switched to weekly OB appointments at this point (I see her tomorrow), but am I missing out on all this extra care?

    My OB is a twin/multiple specialist so I trust her to give me the level of care I need and so far everything's been going very smoothly (no complications yet, knock on wood)... but is anyone else still on the "minimum" number of appointments?
  • If I didn't have cholestasis, I would still be on a two week schedule. They have done the cervical ultrasounds and looked at the babies every visit though. I started with every 4 weeks and then transitioned to every 2 around half way through. They monitor growth every 3-4 weeks and cervix every 2. The BPP twice weekly are because they have a higher risk of complications and still birth with the increased bile acids.
  • @Theliops me!!! I saw my Perinatologist on Nov 24th, & he doesn't want me back till Dec 22nd. And my appointments with my regular OB are just simple 10 min visits...checks my BP, checks the babies heartbeats, asks if i have any questions then I'm good to go. My Perinatologist wants the girls here around 37 weeks, which will be around the 2nd of Jan. So i really feel like I'm getting the end of the stick. And it doesn't help that I'm a FTM.. i just take it as everything is going like it should and i shouldn't worry, doesn't mean i don't tho lol

    1. We dont have a date set yet. Even tho we know about when the doc wants them here, but Baby A is breech so more than likely a c section here.
    3. Everything is set & ready to go! Except for momma :)
    4. Fears...? Honestly, doctors/nurses mixing my babies up with someone elses. Eeeeeek.
    5. I cant wait to hold them, and love on them!! & like others have said, i cant wait to see my husband hold our precious girls :)

    I hope all of you have a easy and smooth labor!! Good luck mommas! :)
  • @JDBtwinmama congratulations on the birth of your babies! I LOVE the names! Hope you get to hold them soon and you're doing well.

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  • Hi there! I'm at 34 + 5 days and my ob just increased my visits from once a month to every 2 weeks. So far the visits have lasted about 10 minutes and she has not checked my cervix. I also am now scheduled for weekly non stress tests at the hospital. The first one showed that I had two contractions so they called my doctor and she said it's fine. I was surprised I didn't feel much. FTM here and there's a lot going on in there so I had assumed it was one of the babies turning. My second NST was yesterday and I had four contractions in 20 minutes. They wouldn't let me leave until they got clearance from my doctor and again she said I'm good to go home but to call if they become more regular or painful. Now that I'm at 34 weeks they wouldn't slow labor so my doctor said that we'll just wait until the contractions become regular and then bring you in. She's super laid back which can be good and bad.  
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