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Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Do you know these answers?

What are some common foods that upset a breastfed babies tummy? Or makes them feel gassy?

How long after eating one of the above foods, will the baby feel better? Aka how long does it stay in their system?

If I were to start paying attention to what I'm eating, do I look at what I ate hours before? Or the day before? Before my baby started feeling gassy or upset that is

Re: Do you know these answers?

  • I would try the breastfeeding board. One of the big triggers is dairy.
  • Dairy is the biggest culprit followed by soy, and wheat. Chocolate and garlic can cause gas too. These problems are mainly in the 1st month. How old is LO? Look at what you ate recently. There are also professionals that say it's a myth or the only thing is dairy products in moms diet that upset baby and you would see blood in stool. I had a gassy baby, cut dairy completely and he was still gassy maybe slightly less. He just outgrew it over time.
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