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Clingy pets before labor???

Has anyone with pets experienced unusual clingy behavior just before going into labor?

I'll be 40 wks tomorrow, and our two cats (a boy and girl, both spayed/neutered) have been crazy obsessed with me since I came home from a shopping trip that resulted in some lower back and hips pains and some light brown spotting.  I lost my mucus plug around 3 days ago and experienced tons of irregular contractions, some diarrhea and even threw up, but then the broken pattern finally came to a halt yesterday and I haven't felt anything since.  But my cats are acting unusually clingy and affectionate - I mean they're already pretty affectionate, but it's on a whole new level when you can't even walk around the house without them competing with each other for my attention, howling and running after me, grabbing my hands and actually making me pet them.  Not to mention the female literally hugs my belly and the male is particularly interested in sniffing my yoni.  I've read that women who are about to go into labor/give birth have a smell.  Are they smelling something new and getting excited?  I'd love to think so.  

Re: Clingy pets before labor???

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    My pets have never been horribly in tune to any changes in my body while pregnant. My horse (a mare that has foaled before) is really the only creature that even noticed I had a bump - she would snuffle and sniff at it each pregnancy once I started to show. Who knows, though, she may have just been noticing mom is getting fat lol

    I have heard a lot of stories about pets sensing labor, though. It will be interesting to see if your kitties are giving you a heads up or not :)

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  • Well I'm just 38 weeks and my dog has been so clingy he is always with me anyways but since I'm pregnant he is extra protective and seems to be very in tune with my changing body I read somewhere it's a lot to do with your hormones they sense a change in you but Im not an expect ha sorry hope you go into labor soon and everything goes well :)
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  • My dog has been clingy for a while now so I don't think that is true. She has been acting like a butthole though so maybe she senses something different. You're so close! Good luck! :)
  • Im due tomorrow. I have had bloody show and even light period blood from late Tuesday night (after membrane stripping) and then some blood like a period fri into sat. Intense start stort contractions...and every since wed morning my dog has been insane! We had to put her in my eldests room because if not she growls at anyone that comes near me. They know....they can sense stuff. She is already super protective o me and the kids. And i am due tomorrow as well. I am exhausted with this fake labor crap.
  • My dog is so clingy it's annoying! He follows me around every step, even if he's sleeping he'll wake up and follow me. And wants to be sitting with me non-stop, touching me. I don't plan on going into labor any time soon (i'm 36w) and no signs, but I think he knows something is changing...

  • @Bombmom3 I love that you have a horse! I've missed riding so much during this pregnancy.

    My dogs have been acting different, but my cat is the clingy one! He sits on my belly and purrs, then tries to curl up with my belly to purr at night. I'm going to have to keep on eye on him when the baby's here. 10 days out from my c section
  • The night before my induction my dog was acting super clingy and protective. He would not leave my side for anything and whined if I went somewhere he couldn't go, like the kitchen or upstairs that's blocked with a baby gate. He would do that loud weepy whine like he was hurt. I woke up at 1:30 that morning with irregular but strong contractions. I certainly think animals can sense these things :)
  • This is my third pregnancy and have had my 2 dogs for all 3. Mine definitely know! I'm 37w 4d and Marshmellow (my boxer haha) is really needing to be with me constantly. To the point where she whines at my bedroom door at night. She wants to sleep with me, but lets be honest, my husband doesn't even get that luxury right now lol. Her behaviour alone has me convinced it'll be happening soon. She was right both other times. So yes, I'd say in my experience, they know :) 
  • My cats have been needy lately but they are needy anyway. Both are very social, especially Turnip, and want to be with me all the time - we just moved so it could easily be due to the move too. I DID notice that Zen has been sleeping right outside the bedroom door a great deal which is unlike her. When i pick Turnip up, she seems frantic for attention and will hold on for dear life while she purrs and snuggles.
  • My cats are being very needy both are male and are very affection to start with my older male cat has been sleeping in the bed with me and my husband cuddled up as close has he get.
  • Our dog has been watching me closely and staying very close the last 24 hours. No baby yet but I'm 38 and 5 do hopefully soon.
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  • 39 weeks today my dog acting strange around me tonight hopefully tonight is the night haha!
  • About 2 weeks before I went into labor my pit bull followed me everywhere. I cough or move even breath she would try and get as close to me as possible. She would plow over ppl to get to me. The oddest part was if anyone tried to mess with my belly she would either step over me so they couldn't any more or she would lay her head on my belly
  • Our pets have been exceptionally needy lately. We have two 14yr old cats (Genghis and Cleo) and a 4yr old schnauzer (Lily). My husband had surgery last month so if they aren't stuck to him like glue they are on top of me. God forbid we go to different rooms! I'm not due till the end of the month but I can't imagine them getting anymore clingy!
  • My cat is a little bastard, lol! He doesn't really like being pet and is very independent. Since I've been pregnant, he's been sleeping on my lap whenever I sit down and the past few days I've been having some contractions and he's been all up in my business! He's been sleeping on me and rubbing on my legs and following me everywhere. I think he knows what's up to a degree.
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  • My dog has been obsessed with me lol, following my every move. It's hilarious. Even if I go into the tiny washroom, he follows me in and makes himself comfortable at my feet. He is always 3 feet away or closer. They know!!!!
  • My dogs must hate me. When they say " a dog is a man's best friend" it's true. I'll sit on the couch and LOVE on these puppies, give them table scraps, dog treats galore. But the moment my husband walks in I no longer exist.

    What traders!
  • @caityleigh92 I know the feeling "my dog" is definitely DH's dog not mine. My dog likes me but LOVES DH. I used to walk the dog if I got home first but the dog typically only wanted to be let outside to look around and will walk with me but literally waits for DH to come home to do his business (I think the dog knows DH will walk him until DH gets results so the dog holds it when I walk him). The dog will also "lie" to DH if I walk him because we need to go somewhere quickly after DH gets home from work and will "tell" DH he's been "waiting" for his walk even if we just walked 5 minutes before (and so DH will walk him again...). I don't think DH believed me until I walked the dog on one of these occasions and DH was home before I got back and the dog tried to "tell" DH that he hadn't been walked yet after we very obviously came home from the walk.
  • Started getting cramps last night which woke me and when I opened my eyes my dog was sitting up watching me sleep... 5 days till I'm due hopefully the end of this pregnancy is sooner haha yes I definitely think they know I'm just worried about how he will be around a new baby because he's treated like the baby of the house and is stuck to me 24/7 hah hope he doesn't get too jealous
  • My oldest dog has really never been clingy, even throughout my pregnancy. But in the past week and a half, she's been right up udner my feet, every chance she gets! She even sleeps on my side of the bed more (on the floor of course), because huskies don't fit well on full sized beds. Lol! And my second dog, she's always been my little "shadow", since the day she was old enough to walk!(she's my oldest husky's pup.) But she's been super super clingy the past week and a half. I seriously think our animals know something is up! Especially when we start to get closer to our due dates, and a few weeks before labour starts. Animals are intelligent creatures. I would not doubt it at all, if they sense when it's time! :smile:
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    Kitty has been sleeping on my pillow at night. She is my husband's cat and only tolerates me when he isn't around. I can't figure if that's her way of getting me out of bed (I usually wake up and head to the couch) or she really wants me close ;)
  • I have two pups who have also become very cuddly and clingy these last few weeks (I'm 38 weeks now).

    As a vet tech, I can tell you that animals are very intuned with what's going on with your ever changing belly and hormones. There are even documented cases of dogs and cats becoming aware of a miscarriage or complication before the mother or doctors are aware. It's amazing what animals are able to comprehend, and sometimes we don't give them that credit.
  • Wow!  I am only just remembering I had posted this question lol.  It's amazing how so many expectant moms have experienced this too.  Well, I actually did go into labor the next day!  It lasted almost three days and I was so worn out for days afterwards.  But it's cool seeing other moms-to-be experiencing the same behavior from their pets.  I wouldn't put it past them now for the future bundles.  
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