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3 yr old sleep help desperately needed

2 weeks ago we took our recently turned 3 year old daughters pacifier away. She absolutely loved her mimi, and was very attached to it so I know it's difficult. Since taking it away, getting her to bed has been absolute hell. My husband and I are literally at our wits ends, and don't know what to do. She doesn't nap regularly anymore, so by the time bedtime comes she's exhausted which makes it even worse. Tonight we fought with her for almost 2 hours before she finally just gave in and fell asleep. Once she's in bed, she usually stays there but getting her to bed is awful. It doesn't help that my husband is short tempered and will try to "give in" to her but quickly loses patience so I have to start all over again. By that time like tonight, she's screaming for another hug from daddy, or a different cup, or this or that. I don't know what to do. I put her back in her bed at least 100 times tonight I kid you not. Help!!!

Re: 3 yr old sleep help desperately needed

  • It will probably take her some time to get used to not having that pacifier so you have to stay consistent no matter what. Getting her to bed should be the easy part! Carry her if you have to but tell her she has to go to bed and give her a couple chances to go there herself otherwise pick her up. Don't give in, don't give extra hugs, just do your normal bedtime routine (whatever that may be) and then leave the room. If you threaten something, follow through. Try to stay calm because if you guys lose your cool then she will act out even more.

    It's tough, I totally know. Just stay consistent and firm. Good luck!

  • Just give her some time to adjust. We stopped the pacifier cold turkey when mine turned 2. It was a rough few nights. Just gotta stay consistent!
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  • Super nanny her. Sit in her room beside her bed until she goes to sleep but do not engage her. Sitting there quietly for an hour is way less stressful for everyone than putting her back 100x. Eventually move to sitting in her doorway until she falls asleep. Took Us 2 months of doing this for our DS when he first transitioned out of his crib. Then we had to do it again for 2 months after his little sister was born. He now goes to sleep without us being there.

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