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Christmas presents for LO?

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Christmas is right around the corner, which I love!! I love the feeling and family being together all the time (: my LO is going to be four and a half months by Christmas. What does a four 1/2 month old need?!? Older toys? I know he doesn't need much but I'd like his first Christmas to be one to remember(: if you are getting LO something for Christmas, what it is it?!

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    Not much since we have an older child and have lots leftover from her. He's getting sippy cups, bibs, clothes in the next size and a toy, a Fisher Price snail thing that we had for his sister but is subsequently long gone. We needed something under the tree since our older child will expect Santa to bring him something. But he won't remember and they need so little at this age. By the time they move on to bigger toys it will be birthday time anyway, so I really don't want to be just putting something up in the closet for 7+ months.
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    Between H and I, and both sets of LO's grandparents, he will get: clothes the next couple sizes up, toys in each 'stage' until his birthday, and probably some letters and notes from everyone to open when he is older. 
    Since this is our first round we are trying to get things as they are needed. Like we just bought a bumbo seat last week, so this month we are getting several toys for it.

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  • myjohnsonboysmyjohnsonboys member
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    We will give our LO a nice 1st Christmas because we love the holidays and because our other children might find it strange if he gets nothing. So far he's gotten clothes in various sizes, books, toys, and cold weather wear. Here's a pic of a few of the things we have gotten so far.
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    The bare minimum.  She has a ton of toys inherited from her big sister.  I am mostly getting stuff for the little one so the big one doesn't think Santa forgot her :)




  • We got DD- books, swimming cossie and hat (Australia=summertime), a backpack with a drink bottle & food containers. My mum and dad are getting her a jungle gym mat and my grandparents got her a high chair.
  • Clothes... Just fun stuff I found on sale. A couple of Disney plushies. She doesn't need anything.

    The big one is getting some toys, most of which will be shared with her little sister. Just like the clothes. But I did get her a few personal things like a doll.
  • Ive basically just gotten her everything she'll use before her first birthday. Shes almost 4 months now. Bought a jumper, a play donut ring, a sit on the floor seat, teething doys, keepsakes like my first christmas snowglobes,baubles ect, clothes, also going to get her a walker xx
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