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Re-Intro -thinking of trying again (bfn mentioned)

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Hello, I'm back after about 8 months off. I am single 36 and will use DS. I have dx of hydrosalpinx, PCOS, endo and UI. I have had multiple surgeries. I have been under the care of an RE for over a year and have had 7 medicated IUI and all BFN. Was told last spring that IVF is next step. Last few years were hard mentally, physically and financially. Due to recent events doc wants to do a "clean out" and remove endo and scar tissue. He says it would be good timing to try IUI again before IVF. So I'm debating what is my next step.
Just wanted to re-introduce myself.

Re: Re-Intro -thinking of trying again (bfn mentioned)

  • Hi! Welcome back. I don't come around here much anymore, but glad I did today. Glad to see you're back.

    TTC #1 since May 2010

    OE IVF #1  9/2/13 Cancelled- poor response

    DE IVF #1 3/12/14- BFP 3/17/14- ectopic, right tube removed 4/11/14 @ 7 weeks

    DE FET #1 7/3/14-Transferred 2 5AA 6 day embryos Beta 7/13/14 BFN

    DE FET #2 9/5/14-Transferred 2 4BB 5 day embryos Beta 9/15/14 BFN

    DE FET #3 in December- Cancelled, didn't respond to meds

    DE FET #3 (2nd try) 2/13/15- Transferred 1 4BB and 1 4BA 5 day embryos Beta 2/23/15  BFN again (CP)

    DE FET #4 - last 2 frosties....5/22/15- Transferred 1 4BA embryo...only one frostie thawed properly.  Beta scheduled for 6/1-  BFN (beta 2, 2.81, 6, 23, 49.4) 6/15/15 Discovered ectopic in left tube.  Methotrexate given. Moving on to a new donor. Hoping to transfer by the end of the year.

    Cant find a donor that is healthy and available.  Looking at being happy with just the two of us.


  • I'm new around here--welcome back! Best of luck with your next steps. I wasn't a great candidate for IUI so we pretty much went straight to IVF and I got two kids out of two IVFs--it's amazing stuff and they are getting better with the technology all the time. 
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