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breastfeeding teething baby

My LO is 3 months and pretty sure he's teething early. He's been chomping down on my nipples and gnawing too. Also gnawing on his hands even when he's not hungry. Thinking about exclusively pumping but just wondering if anyone else has been through this and had any suggestions. Right now it's just unbearable.

Re: breastfeeding teething baby

  • My son started chomping down on me as well. I take a burp cloth and wrap it around my finger and put it in his mouth to bite on, I also try and rub his gums at the same time. For me I found he did it when he was at the end of a feeding, so I just started paying close attention to when he would slow down and take him off as soon as he started biting. My son was closer to 5 months when he started this, so I also told him "no biting" when it happened.

    At 3 months I would try to do as much counter pressure on his gums as possible. I have heard of some people using the Munch Mitt and it really helping. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • My LO would clamp down. I would unlatch her, set her on my lap, and say no bite. It took a few days of this, but she knows now. When she starts, I say no bite, and she'll readjust her latch without me setting her down. It helps to nurse when she is not distracted and hungry. If I try to nurse, and she's not ready, that's when she bites more.
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