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maternity leave rant

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so.. I applied for maternity leave back on july 26th, i tried applying back in may when i stopped working but i lacked information to complete it and couldnt get ahold of one of my old employers to provide it. so I finally was able to apply in july, 3 weeks after i gave birth to my son, as it turns out neither of my employers had submitted records of Employment, so i texted them both asking them to do so. before either of them did, my claim had run out because they took so long and i had to resubmit it in October and get an antedate so that it will say I submitted back in july. almost the end of November and my 2nd most recent employer (the one i needed the info from) still has not submitted my roe even after getting a request from the government for one. so i am not getting any money. and of course Christmas is right around rhe corner and i have the same amount of money in my account as my 14 year old brother. who doesnt have to pay for anything. (in fact my mom just bought him $300 worth of clothes)
so frustrated. i think im just going to cancel Spending Christmas woth anyone besides my LO

Re: maternity leave rant

  • That is super frustrating.  Why haven't they submitted anything? Just being lazy?  What dicks.

    I don't receive child support (by choice) and around Christmas I am stretched thinner than I am throughout the rest of the year.  I limit who I actually buy gifts for, leaving it to close family members. Everyone else gets homemade gifts.  This year, I'm actually in debt and cannot buy presents, instead I'll be making cookies for family and friends.  As for BD's parents (who I'm not mailing food), sending a salt dough thingie that has DD's footprint in it. For Thanksgiving, I had sent them a turkey handprint.  I was brought up to not expect gifts from anyone, and to give if you could.  I don't have much to give, so I have to be pretty crafty about giving.  And I hope people understand your situation, enough that they shouldn't be mad if you don't get them anything.  It's embarrassing, yes, but you're going through some hard times.  If they are mad at you because you didn't buy something for them, maybe they should reevaluate what Christmas is supposed to be about.  Regardless of whether or not they are religious.  
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  • @20thirteen i have no idea wjy they haven't submitted anything but im pissed. its been how long. me and another co worker from that job were asking him for one, he said he would get one back in the summer. its now almost December and ive gotten nothing
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  • Wow, either he's got something shady going on that submitting something will shed light on or he's incredibly lazy and irresponsible.  Is it possible to go to your old boss and sit in his office until he gives you or submits what you need?
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  • Have you called the Labour Board on them? What they are doing it totally illegal. You should have a paper copy of your ROE handed to you on your last day worked, and they have 2 weeks to file it with Service Canada. 
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