Pregnant after a Loss

How long after your loss were you able to get pregnant?

I had two miscarriages over the summer and we started trying again in September with no luck so far. how long did it take you after your loss to get pregnant?

Re: How long after your loss were you able to get pregnant?

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    After my first loss it took 9 months. Then I lost that baby and had a d&c. Was pregnant two weeks later with my first rainbow baby. After my loss this summer I waited a cycle and then got pregnant with this one (10wks) the following cycle. My problem isn't really getting pregnant, it's staying pregnant. Are you using ovulation strips? Those always help me.

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  • Got pregnant in January, D&C in April due to MMC, waited two cycles and got pregnant on the 4th cycle of trying.
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  • 15 months
    me 30; DH 35
    TTC since May 2014.
    Aug 2014 BFP, EDD April 22, 2015. Low progesterone, started suppositories. Loss at 5w6d.
    Nov 19, 2015 BFP at 13 dpo, EDD July 29, 2016. MMC discovered 12/29 (9+4). Natural miscarriage 1/16 (12+1).
    AMH results 0.42, 1.2; FSH 12.1, AFC 10, dx DOR. 
    RPL testing results normal. Nurse recommended progesterone suppositories in TWW.
    Clomid + trigger + TI cycle August 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Femara + trigger + TI cycle December 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Short LP (8 days).
    Acupuncture & Chinese herbs starting January 2017, lengthened LP to 10 days 

    Summer 2016 LFAF awards: 

    Winter 2016/2017 LFAF awards:

  • Two cycles. I used a fertility app and my first period before I got pregnant was late and really heavy, not sure if it was a chemical pregnancy or just a late period.
  • Yes I'm using opks. My problem normally is not getting pregnant too,It's staying pregnant. but after the two losses it's taking us a while to get pregnant and I'm getting really upset about it.
  • Two cycles. I used a fertility app and my first period before I got pregnant was late and really heavy, not sure if it was a chemical pregnancy or just a late period.

    What app did you use? And that sounds like my cycle last month. I wa 5 days "late" but I also ovulated later that month so that could be why.
  • For me it was 5 cycles after the d&e (I still had hcg for the first 2) and then 3 cycles after the CP.  My husband was ill and unable to try for the first 2 cycles after the CP, but my temps were weird, so I don't know if I could have conceived then anyway.
    TTC#1 since Jan 2015
    BFP 2/19/15  •  MMC found at 9 wks  •  D&E at 11 wks (age 36)
    BFP 8/29/15
      •  CP (age 37)
    BFP 11/18/15  •  DD born at 41 weeks <3(age 37/38)

    TTC#2 since May 2017
    BFP 10/18/17  •  MMC found at 8 wks  •  Misoprostal at 10.5 wks (age 39)

    BFP 2/16/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 4/13/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 5/07/18  •  MMC found at 10.5 wks  •  D&E at 11.5 wks 
    •  Testing showed it was a girl with Trisomy 22. (age 39/40)
    9/5/18 Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (4-5 follicles, one ovary had none and was very atrophied)

    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

    BFP 9/24/18  • 
    CP (age 40)
    BFP 5/11/19  •  Fraternal twins  •  MMC found at 10w5d (Baby A 6w, Baby B 10w)  •  Misoprostal at 11 weeks (age 41)

  • we waited 3 cycles before trying again. Then got pregnant 2 cycles later. 
  • We waited 1 cycle, and got pregnant again after 2 cycles.
    BFP 2/11/15 (EDD 10/13/15). MMC 3/30/15 D&C 4/3/15 "We will always love you"
    DD1 - BFP 7/23/15 (EDD 3/31/16).  "We believe in you rainbow" DOB 4/2/16
    DD2 - BFP 2/9/18 (EDD 10/19/18).  "Grow baby grow!" DOB 10/24/18
    BFP 11/16/20 (EDD 7/31/21).  "Round 3 FIGHT!"
  • I miscarried september 18th 2015 and had one period around oct 20th, ovulated nov 5th and got pregnant. I didnt try before I had period in oct, after mc but first time I tried after I got pregnant.
  • Ive been using fertility friend app doing my temps. So I knew when to try. Only took one set of swimmers. Ive heard your more ferile after birth or miscarriage. Also, I dont always ovulate same every month. One month may b on cycle day 12 the next month on cycle day 16 so maybe your missing it.
  • We got pregnant our first time trying after waiting a cycle. But everyone is so different. We just tend to get pregnant really fast.
  • My son was stillborn July 2015, had a d&c August, started trying September and got pregnant the 2nd cycle. I'm now 6 weeks pregnant. In other words about 4.5 months from stillbirth to bfp.

    Everyone's different. I personally was desperate to be pregnant asap, but had to delay a bit because I needed to get a rubella vaccine. You are supposed to wait 28 days before ttc and I forgot to get it until 1st of September. It just was chance that my period came 29 days after the shot so could go straight away.

    Little boy due July 31st 2016

  • I had a natural miscarriage on 04/21/15 and had three periods before getting pregnant this time.
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    Beautiful Daughter 11/08/2002
    Miscarriage 04/21/2015
    Rainbow Sugar Baby due 04/22/2016, C Section Scheduled for 04/08/2016
  • I had a natural miscarriage at 10 weeks on 10/29, found out I was pregnant on 12/1. Didn't have a period before I got pregnant again, I think I'm about 4 or 5 weeks which means I conceived within a week or two after I miscarried. Good luck!
  • I got my IUD removed end of July and had about 2 weeks of bleeding. In Sept for 4 days I had a light period and got pregnant - 6 short weeks later we miscarried. We didn't wait a cycle and I am 6.5 weeks pregnant again on a positive route. Just because I got pregnant that quick doesn't mean I am not terrified - I am past my "milestone" but I still have another dating ultrasound but I am always afraid.

    Fingers crossed you get pregnant soon.
  • I miscarried around 5 weeks pregnant, ovulated 2 weeks later. I'm now pregnant.
  • After first mc it took 6 months after 2nd it has taken 5.
  • Took me from May to October to get pregnant but my cycle had to straighten back out too.
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