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Amniotic fluid... or normal discharge, pee, bath water or semen?

For a few days now I've noticed that I simply cannot stay dry. I repetitively have chalked it up to being something normal and common but am getting paranoid. 34wks along and my precious boy seems as wiggly as ever. I've read so many different things and just not sure how to tell and if I should be concerned anybody else having this issue?

Re: Amniotic fluid... or normal discharge, pee, bath water or semen?

  • Er,
    This may not help but, when my moms water broke it was in the shower, she had no idea- she dried, changed under wear everything ten times before she realized what happened.
    I would assume if this is happening for a few days your water did not break.
    You could (gross) smell it, then decide which it could be.
    I couldn't stop peeing one day I smelled it and realized, it's just pee, which calmed my nerves.

    If you are concerned consult your doctor.
    Swamp crotch is real these days.
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  • It's probably discharge. I've had a big increase. I can't stand it. I started wear cotton panty liners. You may want to look down there with a mirror.
  • Extreme TMI ladies, but I am a nurse and knowledge is power!
    I actually just went through going to L&D so they could ensure my water had not broken.
    I had 2 resident doctors and they were both awesome.
    The chief resident said that at this point cervical mucus can become a water like consistency and if there's leaking consistently it's better to go in to get checked out anyways. It's common to have wetness.
    I had pee that smelt way different (we did a urine analysis), so that's why I went to L&D. I didn't know what was going on and since I'm diabetic we have to get on top of things ASAP. I need to up my water intake because my urine tested positive for ketones, but I had normal blood sugar levels so that means I need way more fluids. Also during pregnancy your kidney function changes so that's why my urine didn't smell like urine at all. It was a very weird smell.
    2nd pregnancy. 2nd time being told while I'm pregnant I'm just peeing myself all day long. I have Poise pads, but SO and I are going to buy Depends just to be safe vs. sorry because I get up and no matter what I am leaking pee.

  • This has been going on with me too. I got really worried today because it was almost a gushing feeling when I stood up but it looked like normal discharge and it wasn't soaking through my underwear. So I plan to keep an eye on it through the weekend and mention it at my doctor appointment on Monday.
  • Probably just pee - I've also had that gushing feeling you describe but it was definitely pee which got trapped until I moved. At this stage you may have to lift your bump a little to allow your bladder to empty properly. I hope that's all it is for you too. Otherwise could be an infection - I had one without realising it - just noticed I had loads more wet discharge (I was soaked) turned out it was bacterial vaginosis which needs a course of antibiotics. I'd get checked to be safe but your midwife can do that no need to go to L&D xxxx
  • Thanks everyone this was a comfort to read to say the least. Reading that others have this let's me know I am amongst the many :)! I start my weekly Dr check ups Wednesday, prolly still message to advise them of situation for consideration.
  • With my last pregnancy I had no clue I was leaking fluid at 39 weeks but luckily my doctor checked and I was induced that night. Last week I felt a gush and had an appt that day so had them check if it was amniotic fluid. Luckily it was only urine at 33 weeks, but this time around I am paranoid at leaking fluid and not knowing like last time.
  • Hi. Not to worry. It's normal. The increase in vaginal fluid is due to your body trying to keep that area clean and healthy from infections. Since you are not on your period it has to figure out a way to get rid of access yeast, bacteria and etc. It increases the closer you get to delivery so there are no infections or issues. Our bodies are amazing!!
  • This has been driving me crazy. I'm sonparinoidnthat I could be leaking amniotic fluid and not know it. I'm changing undies 4-5 times a day. The increase in fluids has been real dramatic at 34 weeks.
  • While is certainly can be normal urine/discharge, I would STRESS that if you are worried it may be amniotic fluid -even a little bit, to PLEASE get it checked. It is an easy test, and takes less than an hour.
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