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When to share

My DH wants to tell everyone. Like right now. And is very annoyed that I want to wait until at least Christmas. (I'll still only be 7weeks!) I don't even have my first appointment scheduled yet! Is anyone else having trouble keeping the SO's mouth sealed?? When did you agree (or not agree) on when to share?

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  • You'll find all of our opinions in a discussion a few down from this one. Here's a direct link: http://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12646415/who-have-you-told#latest
  • I've had 2 MC's this year and with both we told close friends and family right away. I didn't mind having to un-tell them because I wanted their support. This time, I decided I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy myself first so we will be announcing at Christmas to family then right after to everyone else.
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  • I waited with my very first pregnancy, and ended up miscarrying. I wished I had told because I wanted support. I told right away with my boys. This time I would have waited but my sister is also pregnant, so I told her and let her tell my fam at Thanksgiving. I think there is no magical time that is appropriate. Tell whenever you feel comfortable! 

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  • @sunflower717  I agree that I want people to talk to now and then will need them to understand if, heaven forbid, we have another miscarriage.  

    Here are my thoughts....

    With my loss I had only told my close family and then a few co-workers.  I hid it with baggy clothes at work. It was just enough people to feel like someone cared, but not too many to be annoying.  This time I really want to embrace the pregnancy, but not sure I want the entire world to know.  I have told my best friend and my sister so far (5 weeks today).  My sister is due to give birth in a week, so it seemed fitting.  Given all goes as planned, I am telling my close family at Christmas, when I will be 8, almost 9 weeks.  I want them to know either way, but can't resist the perfect timing of a Christmas announcement.  The hardest thing was untelling my 3 year old, so we are going to shelter it from her as long as possible...no plans yet for that.  I am not going to hide my bump though this time. If someone asks then I will decide then my response...may be Yes, I am pregnant but I don't want any attention...or may just lie and say No, I am fat....hehe will depend on my mood.
  • I shared right away with my cousin and a few very close friends because I wanted some support at this point.  We are planning on telling family at Christmas (We are looking to do something cute with our families for Christmas.) and then holding off until 12 weeks to tell everyone.  At first my DH did not want to tell anyone but he's going to spill the beans to his best friend.  

  • With our first, my husband called and told everyone the night I peed on the stick. I was a little annoyed, to say the least. This time, however, we haven't told anyone yet. We plan on telling our parents on Christmas since I'll be 8 weeks. We'll wait until Jan or Feb before we tell anyone else. 
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