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GTKY: How did you tell your SO?

Tell me! How did you tell your SO you were pregnant?

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Re: GTKY: How did you tell your SO?

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  • We are at my parents for the weekend. I had already checked the test and it was negative which I told him, but I went back to look at it again and saw a faint line. I called him into the room and had him check it too...Nothing creative here.  I used all my creativity on the first two pregnancies that ended in MC's.
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  • DH ended up stuck at a job until 2:30 am the night I tested, so I left the positive digital test in the bathroom for him to see when he came in. He did wake me and try to talk to me but I was so tired I only half remember. Nothing creative here!
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  • Had my daughter bring him a book after dinner about mommy being pregnant. Was as creative as I could get :) can't believe I kept it to myself all day!
  • I had been doing Wondfo; and had a horrible habit of leaving them in the bathroom. Anyways, I got home from work and realized I never saw the results of that morning's test. Saw a faint line and immediately took another all while yelling at DH to come into the bathroom. I thought I was seeing things.

    He didn't believe me until I took a digital though.

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  • Took my test at 5am, came back to the bedroom, flipped on the light, woke him up and told him to check out the positive test. To my credit though he did get a kiss.

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  • I woke up at 4 am to go to the bathroom, test, and tell the husband. The surprise went out the window the 2nd time around. He kissed me and then went back to sleep.
  • Gave him a box and told him not to open it yet. Gave a cute little speach and told him that I loved him, and how nervous and excited I was. Then made him open it. As he opened it I took out the test and held it out. The box had a note inside saying. "Hello Daddy! Can't wait to meet you. August 2016".
  • I had my son deliver the stick to Daddy as I slyly smiled to myself in another room. 

  • That day my sister had texted me a photo of her positive test, which I had already showed him. So when I walked out and handed him a test, I made sure to let him know it was mine. It was all very non-eventful. I was in shock. 

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  • I taught our child to say: I'm going to be a big brother! the second my husband walked in the door. :)
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  • I bought him a shirt that said 'man behind the bump' of course it took him a minute but he eventually got it and then I showed him the pee sticks.
  • I worked Thanksgiving night so we were going to do our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead. I woke up and took a wondfo test just to make sure. I was assuming it would be negative so I went about my business getting ready to go buy a bottle of wine to have with dinner (I'm the only one who drinks it). I remembered I left the test on the back of the toilet so I went to grab it and throw it away when I saw there was a second line. I immediately locked myself in the bathroom and grabbed a FRER and a digital and managed to squeeze out some more pee to take them both. The digi was still negative but the FRER definitely had a line! I stood in there (shaking in disbelief) for a good several minutes trying to decide how to tell him. I eventually just walked out into the kitchen holding the positive tests and told him (in tears at this point) that I wasn't going to go buy the wine after all! 
  • It was our very first month trying so I went a little crazy peeing on all the sticks! I kept asking him to look at results that were kind of confusing and/or pulled out of the trash can with evap lines to see if he saw the (what he claimed were nonexistent) lines. Then I bought a digital and it clearly said pregnant. I somehow managed to collect myself, walk into the living room and say "I can't tell if this one has a line or not. Tell me what you think?". He said WHAT!?! Then got up and hugged me and we both cried and laughed and stood in shock. It wasn't that creative, but it was perfect. ❤️
  • I had planned to give him a gift with a little NY giants onsie in it... But when I saw positive I had literally no control. Haha I ran and jumped on him screaming. We were basically taking the month off so we were both really surprised it happened this month.
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  • I woke him up and told him I was pregnant and showed him the test, he smiled so big and told me to take another one later (he was in shock) then grabbed me and we cuddled and laughed and then he fell back asleep. Haha
  • I got my BFP in the afternoon while my husband was at work, so I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a book on pregnancy, which I left in the bag on his side of the bed. (He can't resist looking inside B&N bags to see which books are in there.) When he came home and went into the bedroom, sure enough, he went straight for the bag. He picked up the book, and said, with a dazed look, "Are you pregnant?" It was adorable.
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  • I really didn't expect to get pregnant this I was caught off guard when I got the BFP, but timing was right. We were going to Disney in two days, so I went to the dollar store after work and grabbed an ornament and some markers and wrote 'we're expecting ' on it and stuck it in a box. We exchange ornaments every year. When we went to our dinner (which was a nicer one because it was for Candlelight Processional in Epcot) I abruptly gave him the box with the ornament after the waitress took our drink orders because I got weird eyes from him when I didn't get a margarita. He was definitely surprised, and it was fun because I can't keep secrets ever.

    Note: writing on a shiny gold ornament to be read in a dark restaurant not maybe the best idea, but very much more fun because it took him awhile to make it out.
  • Me: Guess what.
    DH: What?
    Me: You're supposed to guess.
    DH: I think I know.
    I nod.
    DH: Yeah?
    Me: Mmhm

    I promise we're more excited than we sound.

  • I had a little onesie made for him. I put it and the digital test in a box. He pulled out the onesie and said " Im not going to fit into this". Then we high-fived.  
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  • The first day I tested, I got a faint line. Our first cycle, I either had a chemical pregnancy or evaporation lines on a different brand of test, so I didn't want to tell him until I was sure. The next day, I tested in the morning and the afternoon and they were both positive, so I wrapped up a little sock monkey I had bought (I call him Monkey as a nickname) and I pinned a note to it that said, "Congrats, Dad! Our little monkey is finally on the way! ETA: August 2016. We did it!" He unwrapped it and spent time looking at the tag before he saw the note, and then he read it and said, "Really?!"  and gave me a big hug. There may have been crying involved. :)

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  • I believe my exact words were, "I have something to tell you and you have to promise you will use your decision making side of your brain and not your emotional side. Is this a f--ing plus sign or am I going crazy?"

    Pretty much in line with the first one when I said, "No f--ing way. No. Way."

    #classy lol

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  • Well I was all creative when I told him with the pregnancy we lost Oct 4th but this time I just couldn't do (wait all day ,come up with something different than I had done with last pregnancy -wrote in sharpie on a white onesie and has our 1 yr old running around wearing jist tgat when he got home from work )
    I got up to pee at 4:40am and thought hey may as well pee on this one last digital clear blue with weeks estimator (totally expecting a not pregnant and basically just wanted to be rid of it ). That sucker read pregnant ! I was shaking I couldn't believe it so I jumped on the bed woke him up and he couldn't even read it because it was dark in the room lol
    Once I turned on the light he got a huge grin said are you serious ? Are you sure ? (Hey dumbass there's no lines to guess it's a straightforward PREGNANT lol)
    Said "that's awesome babe ,i told you I did it" gave me a kiss, rolled over n was snoring 3 seconds later.... lol
    Yes he literally had told me one day after the horizontal mombo "there you're pregnant now " lol smart ass...
  • Mine is hard because he knew we were getting our HCG results back. He was pestering me with "did you hear yet." So, when I called I just said " we're pregnant and was crying". Due to or past, he was worried, so not really excited. He came around though.
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  • Awwwww!!! These stories are making me tear up, haha 

    I tried to think of something cute but, honestly couldn't contain my excitement for even a day to plan anything.  After dinner, we sat in the living room to eat dessert on the couch and he asked how my day was so I said hold on - let me show you - I ran over to get the test (it was in a baggie by now lol) and handed it to him.  His eyes bugged out and we just laughed and hugged. Our pup was excited too but, thought the test was a treat or something haha.

  • Nothing too exciting here. I tested early one week, BFN, then texted a week later- BFP. I left the test upstairs in the kitchen as it's the first room you enter in our home and waited for him to find it.

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