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August 2016 Moms




  • August 22nd - team green! 

  • August 22 - twin girls!
    (my dr won't let me go past 38 weeks though... So would that change my DD?)
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  • EDD August 15th its a girl
  • EDD August 29th (Will have repeat c/section anytime after 38wks)
    TEAM PINK!!! Girl!
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  • EDD August 21, team BLUE!
  • Just adding here that we're team blue! EDD August 13th. 

  • EDD August 23, adding that we are team pink!
  • Aug 25 team pink!!!

    Me - 29; DH - 29
    Dating 1/18/06
    Married 9/21/13
    TTC #1 July 2015
    BFP 12/15/15 - EDD 8/25/15

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  • ShayLatriceShayLatrice
    500 Love Its 500 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited April 2016
    C-section scheduled for 8/1... Team Pink times 2! 

    *** Pregnancy & Miscarriage Mentioned***

    ME: 34/DH: 33

    TTC (On & Off) Since 2008

    Diagnosed DOR August 2013 

    2009-2013 6 Clomid Rounds which resulted in 3 Cysts/Had to take some time off from TTC

    10/2014 ~ BFP (Natural Pregnancy) after 3 months Acupuncture/Miscarriage at 10 wks
    7/2015 ~ Med Protocol#1: Failed Cycle/Only 1 Egg/Unable to convert to IUI because thin uterus lining

    08/2015 ~ Med Protocol #2: Started stims 09/13

    ER 10/9 with 6 Eggs Retrieved/3 SNOWFLAKES!!

    10/22/15 ~ AF Showed up, waiting for Fibroid removal.

    10/28/15 ~ Saline Ultrasound - Fibroids were gone. FET scheduled for December 3rd!

    12/08/15 ~ FET of one hatching Embaby

    12/21/15 ~ 13dp5dfet Beta 755! I'M PREGNANT!!!/ 
    12/23/15 ~15dp5dfet Beta 1539!

    01/05/16 ~ 1st Ultrasound - 2 little beans and 2 Heartbeats (120 & 125 bpm)

    My Fur Baby: Diva Celeste McClendon

  • Aloha! Due date for me is 8/14/2016 and we are a confirmed TEAM BLUE! WOOOO!
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  • Edd 8/20 we are having a girl!❤
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    Updating! Still due Aug 13th but we now know it's a BOY!
  • Aug 4th & team pink !!!!!!!!!! Wohooooo
  • August 18 due date- it's a girl!
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  • Hey update on the list I'm #444 found out we are team PINK!!!
  • Due Aug 03 team pink
  • August 10th, Team Blue! 
  • Aug 26, was Sept 1 so I'm new here!
  • 26th August and yes finding out sex 
  • This isn't a huge deal but after my 12 week ultrasound my official due date was moved from 8/9 to August 7th now and we are still team green
  • My new due date is August 8th and I'm team blue! 
  • Still due Aug 19th but updating with a baby girl!
    Eighth Anniversary 100 Love Its 100 Comments Photogenic
    Update for us, we're having a boy!

    1st Misc 11w2d
    2nd Misc 6w2d
    3rd Preg, Second Month on Clomed
    Baby Boy Born June 2013!
    4th Preg, Fifth Month on Clomed 
    Due 8/3/16

    Follow me and my journey at:


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  • Hi everyone! I'm Jenna, from the kansas city area, ftm due August 27 with a boy 
  • EDD 8/31, team green
  • 8/25 and a girl!
  • August 19th and team pink! 
  • August 4!!! its a boy!!! 3 boys!!:):):)
  • Hi,

    I'm new and our EDD is 8/13! it's a girl:)
    7th Pregnancy, no living kids, with a You-Name-It Loss History. Curious? Inquire Within.
    Due 8/13/16 and couldn't be more excited for our little girl! <3
  • Welcome, @bbc1982-- please feel free to join our PGAL Check-in (it is posted every Monday, but people comment throughout the week). :)

    BFP #1: 08/17/2012  DD1 born 05/01/2013

    BFP #2: 07/31/2015  M/C 09/23/2015 (11.5 weeks)

    BFP #3: 12/16/2015 DD2 born 8/27/2016
  • We just found out we are having a girl!!!
  • smaiyasmaiya
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    I'm actually due on my birthday :D ...08/31 but it's a little boy... So well see when he decides he's ready to show up... Super excited!
  • August 10th for me and hubby
  • joaneyejoaneye
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    Due August 28th and its A BOY!!!!
  • August 19th with a baby boy!
  • due august 11th 2016
  • Our EDD is August 28th and we are having a boy! Is it normal that they haven't changed my EDD once?
  • bbyTbbyT
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    New- Checking in and hoping I am doing this right! 
    8.14.16 and I am having a boy!!!  <3
    First child. 
  • I wrote in with August 28th sometime ago but forgot update when we found out the gender. Please add us to team Blue! Thank you!
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