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Choking baby

Hey guys . So my 1 month old is having troubles swallowing when feeding . I bottle feed. I've tried 10 different kinds of bottles / nipples . Using extra slow flow. Nothing helps . She coughs wen she try's to swallow as she's choking . I've tried putting baby in all positions and still nothing helps . I've noticed she will hold the milk in her mouth as she sucks then try's a big swallow and chokes . I've given her breaks every few seconds but still nothing helps . Any suggestions ? I'm sick of seeing her struggle as she eats . It happens every 10 seconds during the feedings. So it happens a lot!!! Don't know what to do :( it seems as tho it's getting worse and more frequent than the past weeks

Re: Choking baby

  • Have you talked to the pediatrician?  There is a possibility that the baby has a tongue tie which can causing the tongue to not function correction to swallow.  It can effect feeding a lot and is a quick and easy fix if its needed.
  • Thx I'll get that checked!
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  • My LO is 8 weeks today and she has trouble using anything bigger then the premie nipple from dr. Browns bottles. She does exactly as you describe but when we use the premie nipple she's pretty slow and steady.
    Also, she has tongue tie but pediatrician said its only "mild" not really stuck as far back as most babies with tongue tie so we didn't pursue fixing it but I'm think to get it fixed now and might help with bottle feeding hopefully.
  • Tongue tie was going to be my first recommendation. Keep in mind that most pediatricians will dismiss a tongue tie or lip tie as mild and say that it isn't anything. It's not something they are trained on anymore. Most ENTs are in the same category. It's not common practice to laser/clip anymore unless there is weight loss present, though tongue/lip restriction can cause many other issues not just with weight gain, but feeding relationships and speech and more down the road. You can always get a consultation from a pediatric dentist. For some good reading on the subject, I highly recommend Dr. Bobby Gaheri. He has a website and you can read and learn how to check for lip and posterior tongue ties. Ties are diagnosed based on symptoms, not appearance. If the lip and tongue function correctly, you're good. If you exhibit symptoms (gas, reflux, restriction, colic, choking, slipping off of bottle/breast, quickly falls asleep eating, bobbing on bottle/breast, weight loss, and others) then it may warrant the tie being clipped or lasered. There is a wonderful Facebook support group for tongue and lip ties.
  • We recently saw a gastro doctor and he said this is a symptom of acid reflux. He told us to buy several of those bulb syringes and keep them around the house because this can obviously be very scary.
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