Pregnant after a Loss

Intro + question about pregnancy symptoms

Hey all,

New to this board. Was on the TTC board and finally got my BFP on the 23rd. I am ecstatic to be here. Finally! Looking forward to chatting with you all.

I do have to say that this has been an anxious week and hoping someone has some advice or input for me.

I am so paranoid about this pregnancy because it's exactly like the first one. It's very early still (four weeks) but I have no symptoms at all. It's making me wonder if I have low progesterone and possibly was the cause of the first miscarriage. I mean, shouldn't I at least have sore boobs?

Travelling for the holiday and won't be able to make a dr. appt for at least a week. Might be too late by then?

Sigh. We just move from one worry to the next, don't we? :)

Re: Intro + question about pregnancy symptoms

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