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induction with an epidural

to people who were induced I'm getting induced at 37 weeks due to medical issues, I am curious how many people got induced and how long it took to dialiated enkugh for an epidural?

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  • I personally don't have experience but my friend was induced at 37 weeks due to high blood pressure. She was hoping to get an epidural but once babe was coming there was no stopping it (not to say that's how they will all go). My cousin was induced late (11 days) and had a VERY long labour.

    My friend was induced at 6 am and nothing really happened (she didn't dilate) until around 1:30 that afternoon. Baby was here by 3:30 so there simply wasn't time for them to use an epidural (in her doctors professional opinion). 

    I think overall it really comes down to each pregnancy, and therefore inducing experience, is different. My cousin was induced then given an epidural 12 hours later followed by a c-section 3 hours after that because baby just wasn't doing what they wanted him to do (like at all, stubborn little guy). 

    Your doctor might have a better idea of the "average" time it takes (they've participated in WAY more births that I EVER will), I've only got the two stories to go off of and they don't really come close to each other. 

    Good luck with being induced when the time comes :D 

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  • Everyone is different. It took me a while aka 12 hours but I got an epidural at 7cm dilated with my DD. I will get an epidural asap this time just in case they need to do a c-section.
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  • Induction started at 330 pm for me, got pain meds (stadol) at around 730 pm, then an epidural at 11 pm (I was around 7 cm). I had my son less than 12 hours later. They offered the epidural earlier, but I wanted to see if I could manage without.
  • I was induced with my daughter. They started cervidil at 6 pm. I was 3 cm when they broke my water at 6 am. I did fine til about 8 am. Asked for an epi and got it at 10 am at 5 cm. Was 10 cm at 4 pm. Pushed for 2 hours and had her at 6 pm.
  • You can get an epidural any any time. There is no minimum for dilation. Most people not getting induced sometimes get stuck waiting until at least 4cm since their hospitals won't admit them prior to that... And they can't get and epidural until they are admitted. It was one of the questions I asked my doctor last go around :) Every hospital is different though. Good luck with everything!
  • I had to be induced because my water broke and contractions never started (at 38 weeks) even with the pitocin I wasn't really making progress I was at 1.5 when I was admitted (and a week before that) like 10 hours later I wasn't even at 3 cm. I lost it and told my midwife I was afraid to get the epidural this early because it would slow me down. She told me that when you are induced the epidural doesn't slow things down like it does with natural labor. I jumped on it at that point. It was another 14 hours or so before my son was born. I had to be redosed several times but I totally wish I had done it sooner with the induction.
  • Lately you can get an epidural at any point depending on your doctor and hospital. I was induced and thought I had to wait for an epidural but the nurse giggled and told me that I just have to ask and they will provide. It made it so much easier esp Bc the contractions were living hell. I would ask your Obgyn as it may vary :)
  • I was induced with all of mine and had an epidural with my first two. My daughter they gave me an epi before they started anything or broke my water. As far as a painless labor went that was it. Got the epi, dr came in and broke my water and started pitocin. It was a longer labor because I was only dilated to a 1.5 at admission so my body had a lot of work to do. I think I was admitted at 7a and she was born around 9p that night.
  • I was induced at 40 weeks with cervadil. They offered me an epidural almost as soon as my contractions started. I waited til around 8-9 cm though. I don't believe they would refuse at any point unless you were already dilated to 10 and/or ready for pushing.

  • I was induced with pitocin before I got my epidural. He had an emergency and was busy for hours. When those contractions hit, I became the exorcist.

    If my birth story was a musical, it would be titled "where's my mother (censored) epidural"

    Always go with epidural first.
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  • I got to the hosoital with my first at 5cm and labor stalled. So they induced me with pitocin, I had pitocin with zero pain meds and no epidural for a couple hours then had my epidural at 7.5cm. Or I might have been 8. Don't remember. when I got to the hospital and when I had my son was 10 hours, 2 were spent pushing.
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  • my hospital does not give you an epidural till 4 cm..
  • My various docs have offered me an Epidural as soon as I was induced. They said with having pitocin the epidural will not influence progress the way it would normally.
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