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Changed mind-want another baby!

Lately I've had babies on the brain. My LO turns 7 months on DEC. 2.

When I had her I had a pretty rough time.
I was in labor for 35 hours. I had an epidural but had to be taken off the last 5 hours because I couldn't push effectively. The epidural caused really bad shakes and I also required 6 stitches after her birth. The recovery took 6 weeks with very intense pains and lots of swelling. I adore up and down that I'd never have another and 1 was just fine with me.

Now almost 7 months later I'm looking back and finding myself thinking that it wasn't THAT bad, lol.

I don't want another just yet, but if it happens then I'd be very happy/excited. We aren't using protection due to the fact that we do want another plus it took me 5 years to get pregnant with our daughter. I've had fertility issues and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. I was told getting pregnant wadnt likely due to the condition of my ovaries, but years and tears later we got our beautiful baby girl who makes every struggle to conceive worth the pain!

Anyone else decide not to have another then have a change of heart?

Re: Changed mind-want another baby!

  • I always said I would NEVER have any kids. Now that our LO is here, I want another one! Not yet, but maybe in the next 1-2 years.
  • Yeah me! 7 years latter! 7 year old and 6 month old daughters is bliss. Heaven on earth.
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  • I've got an 11 year old daughter, 9 year old son and my new little guy turned 6 mo on the 13th. I was totally done until the greatest little oops happened. Now I really want a 4th! I'm already on the crazy train so what's one more! Just need to get the hubs on board with it.
  • Haha, I love this thread. I want another kid just not another pregnancy (and I had it relatively easy the first time around)!  I hope I change my mind about the pregnancy bit. 
  • Yeah I had a tough time with my third and said no more.... and my fourth now 7months was unplanned and I thank God everyday for this blessing that he has given me.
  • I always said I wanted my kids to be close in age :) but after having my little girl 6 months ago and going through a tough 22 hours of labour which ended in an emergency csection I was happy with just her and didn't want anymore until a long gap but little did I know I found out I've been blessed with another and there gonna be a year apart! Even though I'm scared of going through it again I'm blessed and can't wait to meet my 2nd bundle of joy! Good luck :)
  • I want another baby badly- have to convince the hubby!
  • We are TTC, and I feel like I might be pregnant. Fingers crossed! I will know in a couple of weeks for sure. 
  • Good post! I swore during the first two months pp I would never do that again. My LO was colicky and had reflux etc. I suffered from PP depression as well. But, as soon as the 4th month hit and my LO was sleeping through the night and much happier baby, it changes my perspective. I think one more of I am lucky enough to get such a blessing.
  • I definitely swore on having two but 5 years apart. I had my first in may last year and I'm dying to do it again very soon. I had the IUD inserted so I might wait 2 more years before I go for it. But Everytime I see a newborn I get bad baby fever. They are such a blessing!
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