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UO Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving, mamas! Let's hear those unpopular opinions!

Mine is that I prefer ham over turkey on thanksgiving. :)

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: UO Thursday

  • I want this day to pass quickly so I can go back home and start decorating for Christmas!


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  • I am not a fan of the heavy starch and meat based traditional Thanksgiving meal that my MIL and so many other Americans make. Give me 5 different side dishes of grilled or roasted vegetables however and I'm game! (And green bean casserole doesn't count. Give me whole foods that I feel good after eating, not bloated!)
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  • I don't like fruit salad.

    (but I do like lots of fruits individually ;) )
  • I don't like any kind of pie.
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  • I prefer ham over turkey too!
  • I detest cooked vegetables. So, at our Thanksgiving lunches with the in-laws, I only eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and bread rolls. I can eat raw veggies all day every day, but as soon as a veggie's been cooked, I'm not going near it. Oh - and I'm a turkey gal (been pork free for 15 years).
  • I love that these were mostly food related. My unpopular Opinion is that I don't think it matters AT ALL whether your toilet paper rolls from the bottom or the top :)

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