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Blood Draws

My doc did my first blood draw the same day I got my BFP, 3 days later, and then 2 days later.  Due to the holiday we are not sure the next step.  They mentioned a scan during the 6th week. I lost my previous pregnancy at 9 weeks but was missed till 12 weeks.  The nurse said they usually stop the draws once viability has been confirmed with an ultrasound.  I am worried thinking what if something happened between 6 and 8 weeks that caused me to lose that baby.  If no one is paying attention this time...then it may happen again.  

Also, the nurse didn't know...and my doc left for Thanksgiving.  Anyone know if a loss at 9 weeks can still be due to hormones or has that time possibility passed and it would have been more likely due to a chromosonal error?

Re: Blood Draws

  • There's no way to tell other than if your progesterone low or you did a test like the Anora test. It's normal for them to check your levels three times. If your progesterone was low, then they would have put you on progesterone. It sounds like they're on top of things and like y'all are in good hands! You could ask for ultrasounds every two weeks if they weren't planning on doing that already?

    Happy Thanksgiving! Give that baby some turkey today.
  • I am not sure the plan for ultrasounds just the one around 6 weeks. Yes I am so happy I have a great doctor. They seem accommodating so may do it of I ask. I will just wait till the 6 weeks and see what progresses from there.
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  • That is a normal time for an ultrasound. My doctor never schedules before 6 weeks because he says that he doesn't expect to see anything before then. Good luck! I know the waiting, no matter how short of a time it is, feels like forever!
  • My doctor has also stopped the blood draws. She did one to confirm and then two weeks later. The day after she got my results she called me in for an ultrasound at 5w4d. I do not think she will do anymore bloodwork.
  • Did you see the heartbeat that early @jacobsone2 ?  I am going to talk to them Monday and am thinking of doing it Wednesday Dec. 9 (I will be 6w 3d based on O).  If they go to the monthly appt after that then I won't have another till 10 weeks (early Jan) which will be farther than my loss.  I am thinking of telling my family at Christmas so wondering if they might accommodate another appt during the 8th week so that I can be reassured everything is fine right before I tell them....the worst they can say is no I guess. 
  • Yes I did, but I was not expecting to at all. I know a lot of people don't see it that early. The baby was measuring a few days ahead. I think 6 weeks. I think you should definitely ask them to do an ultrasound at 8 weeks. I'm sure they will understand! I know how you feel. I want to tell my mom and gram so much, but I'm waiting till my next appt on dec 8. I'm going to cross my fingers that we both have good news that week!!
  • Thanks! I only told my sister and my best friend.  I think that will be enough to get the excitement under control until I can feel more comfortable to tell my entire family.

  • Did you schedule your appt for tomorrow @mrsmommya? Wanted to say good luck!
  • @jacobsone2 No, I wan't to be sure that there was a heartbeat so we are going Monday, 14th.  I will be 7+1 so no reason there won't be a heartbeat!
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