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Pregnant after 35

Anybody else with pre-existing conditions?

Hi all.

Never posted here, but I am definitely over 35! As a relatively young looking and (used to be) decently fit 40 year old, I have a lot of issues associated with much older women. Lifelong overactive bladder, bowel prolapse into vag, and some skin issues down there. I'm not sure if somehow this is related to my hormones/diminished ovarian reserve/all these endless fertility issues I've had. None of this stuff gets better with pregnancy. We've gone through great lengths to get this little one going and just pray it stays with us.

I am just wondering if there are other ladies who have manageable issues that are struggling. I can't stop thinking about this stuff bc of the pure physical discomfort of it. I know it could be so much worse. But with hoping to become so much farther along, I can't help but worry about this stuff becoming unmanageable. I've got a good group of docs, thank God, but they can't "fix" my situation. Anybody else get to enjoy their problems on top of the MS/exhaustion?
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Re: Anybody else with pre-existing conditions?

  • peregrinefalconx I'm hypertensive and about 30 lbs overweight.  My DH and I have been TTC for 14 months.  My primary care doctor sent me to a cardiologist because she wanted to change my bp meds but wanted to make sure what she was considering was okay for me in case (when) I get pregnant.  The cardiologist did a ton of tests, changed my meds and sent me to see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (because of my "advanced maternal age") and she approved the change of meds.  So far, my bp has been under control but I'm nervous that it is going to get worse as we advance through the pregnancy.

    I also take Valtrex because I get these crazy bouts of cold sores which make my mouth swell (like cartoon-like) when I have an outbreak.  I'm hoping nothing else comes into play.  I just want a healthy, happy baby.
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