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What is your favorite iPhone app for tracking cycles etc.

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Hi all,

What is your favorite iPhone app for tracking cycles, fertility etc.?



Re: What is your favorite iPhone app for tracking cycles etc.

  • Everyone on these boards uses Fertility Friend I believe. I use it and like it.
  • Fertility friend
    Married: 7/9/15
    Me: 37, DH: 36
    Started TTC #1: 9/2015
    Preliminary labs/testing @ 6 months: TSH, A1c, progesterone, prolactin, SA, HSG all normal
    BFP: 5/19/2016, M/C: 5/29/2016
    BFP: 6/22/2016  EDD 3//6/2017

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  • I use p-tracker because I don't temp. I like it a lot.
  • Fertility Friend - the free version works fine for me
    Me (42) w/ partner for 16+ years
    TTC #1: 11/2012 - 9/2013; 6/2014 - present
    Follistim + TI (3x): All BFNs
    Follistim + IUI (1x): BFN 
    IVF #1: 17 retrieved,15 fertilized, Day 3: 15, Day 5/6: 3 biopsied
    Result; 1 frozen blast (inconclusive PGS results)
    IVF #2; ER: 6/22 16 retrieved, 6/25: 5 transferred (CP), 2 frozen
    FET 9/17: BFN
    Current FET -- Transferred 2 day-3 embryos - BFN

  • Glow. But I've also used to track my cycles for years and can't seem to give it up. I like the graphs haha.
    Me: 39 SO: 36

    Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

    TTC#1 since November 2015
    9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
    10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
    1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
    March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

    TTC #2 since July 2018
    May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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  • I use both p tracker and fertility friend. Fertility friend is really comprehensive,I have the paid membership and I think it's worth it. I also use p tracker just to make notes because I find that one easier to look back at a glance.
    I am 35 to DH for almost two years. Actively ttc #1 since October 2014. Charting, Clomid, HCH shots, Timed Intercourse.
    DH SA looks great, my numbers look great... trying B6, Zinc, Vitamin C, you name it. Avid reader of TCOYF, FF junkie. Trying to keep the faith once cycle at a time.
  • I have been using Ovia. I really like as it has lots of info to track and shifts data based on what you enter. Only downside I would say is for those with PCOS like myself and not always knowing when you actually ovulate. I have written to them about it and they have been very responsive which is always a nice thing.
  • Thanks ladies! This is really helpful!
  • I also use the p - tracker (it's the pregnancy tracker right??). I like it so far. I have only been using it a month. I just commented on another post, but I think it was the Fertility Friend, free version that I tried and didn't really like? I have an iPad and not an iPhone though (Lol.. probably doesn't really matter). 
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    I use OvuView.  I started using another one and then liked the features of this one better so I switched most of my info to OvuView and I really don't want to switch again, but now I'm going to check out Fertility Friend just to compare.  I only have tracked a few things so I don't need anything too sophisticated.  

    Edit: Sorry, I just realized that OvuView is an android only app!!! 
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
  • I'm liking Kindara. I'm not sure if it's new because I don't remember seeing it when I was first TTC in October with my 1st pregnancy. It's just a bit more visually appealing than FF which is why I started using it. My FF app has been kind of wonky. I'm getting a lot of feedback from the community about my shared charts too, which I like!
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