3rd Trimester

39+1 weeks 1cm dialated

Today I found out im only one centimeter dilated and I'm loving being pregnant right now but im just so anxious to meet my little baby boy and it seems like he just loves it in there and he never wants to come out My dr told me sex and to try to stimulate my nipples so Ill try that I'm just trying to be patient but I just wish I was closer to holding him in my arms

Re: 39+1 weeks 1cm dialated

  • Well not too much longer for you! And dilation can occur very rapidly on its own, so you never know how soon baby will be here when you're this close to 40 weeks. I can't wait to meet my LO either :)
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  • Dilation really doesn't play that big of a role. You can be dilated for months or you can go from no dilation to several centimeters within hours. You're so close to your due date try not to stress out too much about it. Good luck!
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  • I'm just so excited man it hurt like hell when she checked it though
  • JK0112 said:
    I'm just so excited man it hurt like hell when she checked it though
    I did for me too. It felt like she was going for my tonsils and I wanted to ask if she could swab for strep throat while she was in there. 

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