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Eating on one side

My LO is 9.5 weeks and in the middle of a wonder week. She has recently started eating only on one side per feeding. Now she seems to be refusing my right breast but will eat on the left. I know my right side has a faster flow, but she has always been fine with it. Help!

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  • This happened to a friend of mine, it turned out her baby had a kink in her neck and needed physio therapy..
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    I only do one sided feeding, I think LO can't handle both.. He's always passed out after one side..

    He doesnt feed well on my right so I put him in either the football position or a reverse cradle where he's basically feeding like you would on the left side, it seems to work better you might want to just try different positions to see if it helps you. Good luck !
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  • My LO has started doing this as well. He is 14 weeks now. He had a preference for the left side, I think since the milk letdown happens a lot faster. He has to work at the right side to get milk. To help fix this problem I try to start on the right side even though he is a little fussy. He started nursing from the right for 1 minute before getting fussy and now is up to 3 minutes before getting fussy. I'm hoping I can get him to nurse for longer on this side within a few weeks. Also, I started pumping a little on the right side since it was getting smaller then the left and to keep up the milk supply. I don't know if you pump but it might be worth trying to keep up your milk supply on that side. Good luck ( :
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