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TTC After a Loss

TTCAL Check-in 11/23

Welcome to TTCAL! This is a great thread to introduce yourself and jump into posting. If you get your BFP, don't forget to come back and update us!

1. Introduce yourself: (if you're new)

2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc)

3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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Re: TTCAL Check-in 11/23

  • 2. TWW, 10dpo, testing tomorrow or Wednesday. Not hopeful due to crappy timing, but we'll see!

    3. I like watching football with my family. I also like that Thanksgiving is the real kick off to Christmas season so when I get home I can start decorating!!

    LFAF April Siggy: TV/Movie BFFs

    BFP #1 12/2012, DS born 8/2013
    BFP #2 7/2015, MMC and D&C 9/2015
    BFP #3 11/2015, CP
    BFP #4 1/2016, DD born 10/2016

  • 2. Benched. Waiting for first AF then going to start trying.

    3. We hunt so I am around my family for the whole week. Usually we hunt in the morning, come in and have thanksgiving lunch together and watch football.
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  • 1. hello! Did an intro post last week, but this is my first check in. ::waves::

    2. one week post D&C, so definitely benched. Having a chromosomal analysis done, so it will be at least a month until we know the results from that. Hoping to start trying again in January/February

    3. I guess just cooking the traditional foods and gathering with family. I love how laid back thanksgiving is. We always play games, too.
  • 1. MC in October at 12w (first pregnancy, first loss)
    2. WTO
    3. Just love being around family and the smells of my fathers cooking
  • 2. Benched. Waiting for AF after d&c on Nov. 2nd. DH and I have been careful (condoms) but may have had an oops once exactly two weeks after d&c. I am over analyzing everything, scared that we didn't wait long enough (what if!). Trying to stay calm, I bet AF will be here next week...

    3. Like others, being around family and cooking!
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  • @klauerinaking Don't stress about it we were given the green light as soon as my Hcg was at zero we didn't have to wait for first af. i have read many many success stories from moms who got pregnant after mc but before first af and they had healthy babies at the end. Be positive!!! Wish you the best
  • 2. Still benched but I do FINALLY have a surgery date scheduled to remove my uterine septum for Dec 16. I've been waiting to get that news since September so it feels good to have it in the books! If he gets the whole septum in one try then we should be able to get back to ttc in January!

    3. Black Friday shopping with my sister in laws! I don't get to go this year though :( I'm taking a lot of time off in December so I'm working Black Friday this year.

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  • I've posted on this board a couple of times but it doesn't hurt to introduce myself to anyone new. :)
    1. Introduce yourself: (if you're new) I'm Jessie. I had my first mc on Halloween which was also our first month of TTC. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and my hubby has a son from a previous relationship. I'm an internal consultant which is a pretty fun job and my DH is a carpenter. We also have a GIANT pain in the butt dog, a Great Dane named The Kraken.

    2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc)  Currently in my TWW... I'm about 6 dpo right now.

    3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? This is the first year that I own a house on Thanksgiving and I kind of hoped we could host and start a new tradition, but that didn't end up panning out. This will be the first year that we bake the pies and I'm hoping that becomes a new favorite tradition! I LOVE to bake and my DH loves to taste-test. ;)
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    BFP #2: 10/24/ on 10/31/15
    BFP #3: 11/27/15. EDD 8/6/16

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  • 2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc)  Benched for 1 more month (to the day!)

    3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?  My mom's meat stuffing.  But we're having Thanksgiving with my in laws this year, so I'll have to ask her to make it for Xmas!

    Congrats @allishally13!
  • 1. Introduce yourself: (if you're new)
     Hello, my name is Adrian. I am new to using the communities and decided that I needed to join in after my MC @ 3 weeks on Nov. 18th. My MC was my second pregnancy and first loss. I also have a 10 month old son born Jan. 29th, 2015.

    2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc)
    Benched. MC just 5 days ago trying to make decision on how long to wait before TTC again. (Doctor rec. 3 mon.)

    3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
    My extended family always rents cabins and sends the weekend together.
  • 2. Just starting my second 2WW after loss. On cycle day 14, ovulating today per OPK, so hubby needs to get home! Haha

    3. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is just spending time with family. Although over the last few years we've added in Black Friday shopping with DH and my sister!
  • 1. Hey y'all, Casey here. Just decided to start posting here after my missed MC at 9 weeks (two weeks ago, u/s showed just an empty sack).

    2. Currently benched, but ready to get back on the court after AF's hopefully timely arrival in a week or two.

    3. My family picks a movie to go see the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, then we all go to my grandmother's house to eat ham sandwiches (or pizza for my cousin's kids, haha!)

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  • @allishally13 congrats!
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  • lfh22lfh22 member
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    1. Hi! I'm Lily. This is my first time posting (but I've been lurking for a while). My son, Jack, was born and died at 22 weeks gestation on June 28. I contracted an infection in my placenta after having SCH bleeds and went into premature labor.

    2. Currently in the TWW and going crazy! I'm 4dpo today. This is our second cycle trying since we lost the baby.

    3. I'm excited to be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! We have a three-year-old and she is over the moon to have her grandparents and family visiting. I love to cook and spend time with family, but I'm also happy that it will keep me too busy to obsess (much) over the TWW!
  • 11th month TTC; 5th month (2nd cycle) TTCAL. Currently WTO.

    I love decorating for Christmas the day after thanksgiving!
  • 2. I'm waiting for my first AF post-D&C, then we will start trying.  I'm pretty sure I ovulated last week so hopefully I won't have to wait long.

    3.  We are headed to my inlaws, and it is always crazy but they are very entertaining.  My MIL cooks a ton and it is delicious.  We don't see them often and it is fun to catch up and watch the cousins play together.  The whole trip is our tradition and I'm excited to go because we couldn't make it last year. 
  • 2. TWW (11 dpo). This is our second month TTC after being benched.

    3. My favorite part of thanksgiving is everyone in the kitchen together, laughing, sharing, and working together.
    “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”  ~Maya Angelou

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    BFP #4 4/16, MC 4/16 (5wks)
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  • 2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc) I'm currently waiting for my period to show up since I'm not temping I don't know when I ovulate and didn't catch my peak with the opks so it's a waiting game I'm on cd 31 my cycle length have been from 29 to 43 days so I might test Sunday if no period since I'll be 36 days.

    3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Just like to be around family :)

  • Status: TWW, 10DPO and dying to POAS! First cycle TTCAL.

    I think my Mama's dressing has to be at the top of my list of favorite thanksgiving traditions (even though it's a food...still a tradition). In the south, we call it "dressing" or "cornbread dressing" instead of "stuffing". It's served as a side dish that is cooked separately from the turkey. This year, I get to make the dressing, and I am SO excited! Definitely took the edge off of the TWW craziness for today.

    I'm from Alabama. In Alabama you must pick a side....Alabama or Auburn. I'm a Bama fan, Roll Tide! DH is an Auburn fan (bless his heart). Our rivalry game is called The Iron Bowl and is always played the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love watching the Iron Bowl with DH and family/friends. It's usually an extension of the Thanksgiving festivities. :smile:
  • @allishally13 congrats, but could you please edit your post to remove the "baby dust" it's an extremely offensive term to moms had to cremate their babies and could be an emotional trigger for some people.

    @KDHB13 congrats!!! wishing you a H&H 9 months, hopefully I'll see you in August 2016!
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    BFP #4: 03/31/16 EDD 12/01/2016 
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  • Oh so many BFP today/this week! Congrats ladies, a great reason to give thanks.
    I'll be thinking of you all @kmmharrison , @allishally13 and @KDHB13. Wonderful news
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  • 2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc) Benched for now, following miscarriage at the beginning of the month. Hoping to TTC after first AF.

    3. GTKY: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I love taking a big family walk after we eat. Everyone with their dogs strolling down the road, burning off that food!
  • @KDH813 I wouldn't mind taking over, if nobody else has claimed it? 

    Congrats ladies, wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancies!!
  • KDHB13 said:
    **********TW/BFP********* Got my BFP this morning! I'm absolutely stunned. Fx that this baby will continue to grow and develop normally and we'll get to meet him or her in July or August! Can someone take over the TTCAL check-ins?
  • @ceclarlinetlo Good luck with the septum removal! Message me if you have any questions regarding the procedure/heal time.
    I had mine removed on the 15th but I was told I have to wait three months before we can TTC. I'm happy to hear you'll be able to try soon after.
  • 1. I had my first mc in June and got pregnant about 4 weeks later I got pregnant again and had another mc. Dh and I have two children. We started trying again in September with no luck so far. 2. Tww- I have been testing but I never get a light + until 13 days after a + opk so that's tomorrow. 3. I love Black Friday shopping every year with my sister.
  • congratulations ladies!!! Im so excited for you guys... wishing you all a happy and very healthy pregnancy for mom and baby!!! 
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