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When are you telling family?

I'm considering telling my brothers and their wives, my grandma and my aunt at thanksgiving. My parents and in laws already know. I will be 10 weeks. This is my 6th pregnancy (I have two boys) and it's already getting questionable with how I look at the end of the day. My stomach looks fairly normal in the morning. By dinner I look 20 weeks. I lost 50+ lbs in the last year too so I don't really want people to think I'm just piling it all back on. My losses have been between 4-8 weeks. I know 10 weeks doesn't put me out of the woods in any way. But they would all end up knowing if I had another loss so I'm thinking about just telling them. Thoughts?
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Re: When are you telling family?

  • Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy. :-)

    I'm tossing around similar thoughts as well. We go for the second scan on Wednesday and thought about sharing with immediate family on Thanksgiving. I will be just a little over 10 weeks then. Last time we announced at 8 weeks after a good scan, but lost the baby two weeks later. So nervous to tell, but also know these are the same people I would want the support from if we lost this baby as well.

    Plus, I feel somewhat awful when our loved ones keep telling us how much they are praying for us! I just want to tell them the prayers worked!!

    I say go for it. These are your supports, let them be there to support you in happiness. Let me know how it goes!
  • Thanks!! I think you should tell, too! We can do it together. Haha!
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  • I'm in the same boat. I'm almost out of my first trimester but I have my nuchal next week. I want to wait to tell my MIL she can finally shout if from the roof tops until Xmas though. They know but aren't making it public knowledge. My poor husband watches me tell my people but I haven't made him feel at liberty to tell all of his. I told him the rule about feeling comfortable enough to tell if there is a MC, then go ahead and tell, if you feel close enough. I just somehow feel exposed with his people knowing.
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