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what was baby's heart rate around 6 weeks?

An er doc told me today that my baby has a low heart rate. It was 102bpm and baby measured 6w3d. Can anyone remember what theirs was? Has anyone had a low one and then had a successful pregnancy?

Re: what was baby's heart rate around 6 weeks?

  • When I had my us at 6w3d my doc didn't even find the baby. It was just a yolk sac. Talk about stressing out. I went back at 7w3d and baby was there, thank God, measuring 2 days behind, hb 120-130 I think. When I find it now with my Doppler (9w2d) it's anywhere from 150-170. I wouldn't worry too much yet, it probably just started beating!
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    When I measured 5w6d the heart beat was measured t/v at 118. They told me then that anything over 100 at that point was good because babies heart had probably just started.

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  • Thanks for sharing ladies. When I had my ultrasound on Friday I wish the tech had measured, so I would have had something to compare today's with
  • all of these heart rate charts say mines just a little low. Hopefully it picks up
  • At 6 weeks 2 days it was 104. 8 weeks 3 days it was 160. The dr said it has to start somewhere. They expect to see 90-110 in the beginning.
  • Not uncommon to have a low HR that early, the heart likely just started to beat.
    My LO HR was 130 at 6wk, and 160 a week later
  • Our baby girl had a heartbeat of 101 bmp at 6w3d. At 8w, heart rate increased to 150 bpm. I know it's scary but try not to worry.
  • At 6w1d, our baby's heartbeat was 122bpm. My OB said that was a good range. 
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