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Update after er

So I went to the er this morning after having pressure in my cervix that started yesterday. I had felt this bubble sticking out of my cervix and it was still there this morning. When the nurse practitioner checked me she thought it was the sac hanging out. She said it was brown. I started crying my eyes out thinking the baby is coming out. I went in for my ultrasound and had the tech show me the images at the end. The sac was in the fundus so I felt a little relieved. At the cervix it looked like something there and I thought she has measured something there. It's very hard to tell from a still image, but she wouldn't show me while she was scanning. Also, the baby's heart rate was only 102bpm. The tech brought me back to the room and of course I sat there waiting forever. The nurse came back in and brought the ob doc with her. The dr checked me and said what she sees is normal and that all that's sticking out is mucus. Ummm.....when is it normal for a bubble of mucus to stick out?! She also felt inside and said that its nothing. They didn't even note anything at all in the ultrasound report about my cervix, not even the measurements! I can't even believe it. And now I'm worried she said baby's hb is low. I'm 5w6d and baby measured 6w3d. My beta came back at 38,940 and it was 13,000 this past Wednesday. I just cannot calm down. I have to follow up with my dr tomorrow.

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